Thinking Thursday: Thoughts on Nadine West:

I have been a Nadine West ambassador for a year now if not a little more. I find myself with every Nadine West package having a wide range of emotions and I'll tell you why in this article! I know so many people want the truth about subscription services, especially clothes, so today, you get the truth!

First off, how Nadine West works. You sign up here and after signing up you complete a style profile. This profile will ask you questions such as your favorite colors to wear, the style of jewelry you like, and more. You can also put what colors you do not like to wear (which is good as I look awful in yellow) and so on. Then, you are assigned to a stylist who picks out your outfits and jewelry based upon your answers. Once chosen, your items are wrapped in pretty, pink paper and packaging and mailed out! I have seen that they give a 5-7 business day time frame for delivery, but 95% of the time my packages have arrived by next day. So yay for awesome shipping!

This outfit is a half sleeve, tummy control style tee shirt, ripped/torn jeggings, and a long daisy flower chunk necklace. All from Nadine West.

Now keep in mind, while the items are in transit you will not be able to see what is coming. I love this, I love that sense of surprise! Once the package arrives you get a list of what's included, along with the pricing. Here are a couple of cons to when the package arrives:

  • (Not Nadine West's fault) - Almost all of my packages arrive damaged by the shipping carrier. I've had them re-taped, the items come damaged with grease and dirt in the fibers which doesn't come out, I've had some items torn or ripped, but the good news is that Nadine West's customer service is quick to respond and fantastic. Obviously, they won't charge you for these items you just mail them back, but that's another bullet for later.
  • Your stylist unfortunately does not see you. You put your size down when you're doing your profile but sometimes you may get pants too long for you, shirts that are too short, jewelry that's too small, etc. But hey, the stylists are human just like you, and again you don't have to keep what doesn't work. 
  • Sometimes even if you put on your profile you don't want certain things, they'll still come. This can be frustration but also remember: Clothing changes based upon seasonal availability. I myself have fallen in love with wearing dresses thanks to Nadine West, and yet there are times they can't send them. Or I'm a huge fan of pastel colors, pinks, etc. They won't have a lot of that in the Winter. 
This outfit is a long dress with a above knee slit on the left side, along with a tie belt around the waist and once again, the daisy flower chunk necklace. All from Nadine West.

Once you receive your package and you open it all, you will usually receive anywhere from 6-10 items. This is the part I love because now I get to see everything they picked out for me. I did get a suggestion from Customer Service when I told them that after a couple of packages I was not feeling confident in what the stylist was sending: Create a Pinterest Board of what you like and send it to them! They then notate it on your file, and when your stylist is picking out your next package they can see what you want. This has helped me so much with my items. I can tell when the stylist uses it and when they don't. Whatever you do not want to pay for, you just put it back in the packaging (or a new package if it's all messed up) and use their pre-printed return label. It's perfect, easy, and as long as you do it on time it's great. BUT, I still find at times the stylist isn't listening to me. For example: I'll say that I really love pastel colors, pinks, sparkles, glitter, flowers, and what comes that month will be dark colors, nothing that matches my personality at all. I still like what they send but I do find that it can be frustrating at times.

This outfit consists of a tropical floral style knee length dress, and a gold leaf necklace with silver within it. All from Nadine West

The real question is: Do I think Nadine West is worth the cost? Answer: Absolutely. Since I began receiving Nadine West attire I have grown so much in confidence. They've sent me tops I would never have worn before but I feel great in. I hadn't worn a dress or shorts in 15+ years (seriously) until I received the beautiful clothing from this company. I'm currently on a weight loss journey and I'm watching myself fit into the clothing better than I did a year ago. I'm wearing colors I'd never done before and my jewelry is so pretty from them.

So my thoughts on Nadine West: Completely worth the price and worth every step. I truly believe that working with Nadine West has not only helped me in terms of my own style, but helped me become confident and strong inside. So do yourself a favor, and try them too!

Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!
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