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Sashka Co. Bracelets Review:


Have you ever wanted to accessorize just right but couldn't quite figure out what to use? A clasp broke on a bracelet, or perhaps you've lost weight so it's dangling and you fear it'll catch and tear? Well Sashka has beautiful, hand crafted bracelets that are durable, gorgeous, and glimmer and sparkle in the light! With different colors, designs, themes and more you can find yourself purchasing 20 or more bracelets from this company all to stack and accessorize your outfits!

Chewy Influencer: WHIMZEES Brushzees 30 Day Dental Dog Treats!

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I don't know about the rest of you, but we try our hardest to help our sweet Molly have great fresh breath and clean teeth. But, dogs will be dogs and after a few hours of sleep they come to you and lick your chin and...yeah you scrunch your nose up! You can't help it, you adore your four legged fuzzy-butt immensely but their breath could knock you out couldn't it? That's where Whimzees steps in! Great tasting daily treats that keep your pup excited and their teeth sparkling clean!

The Masked Singer - Our Review and Guesses So Far!

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This post is 100% opinion, and no sponsorship.

My husband and I began watching The Masked Singer the day after it aired, and as soon as we sat down the guesses began. One thing I adore is that my husband knows a lot of musical talent. He's able to pin point a lot of people by voice or by history so I expect him to get a lot of these right. But I'd love to show what we've thought of so far! (Obviously not including those who have been unmasked!) For the record I am hooked on this show!

Chewy Influencer: Merrick Fresh Kisses Treats Review:

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Molly is a huge fan of Merrick products especially their fresh kisses treats. Just like any dog our sweet Molly is a fan of...self-cleaning. Let's be honest every dog does it and then you have to tilt your head up a little for those kisses. But with Merrick's fresh kisses treats, she has beautiful smelling breath from a very clean mouth you know she is happy with and you are as well!