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To My Mom: A Dedication To My True Auntie-Mom:

Disclaimer: This will be sappy, this will be true and this is how I feel.

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At the age of 2, my biological mother made some pretty drastic mistakes that impacted both herself and I. I grew up living 5 days a week with my Grandmother, and the weekends with my Uncle and Aunt. I wrote about my Uncle previously, thanking him for all he's done and how I truly feel that he's my Father. But I never knew my biological father, so he's the only father I ever knew. I never could quite figure out how to put into words how I felt for my Aunt because I had not only my biological mother for a short time, but my Grandmother as well. The time has come, and I hope to show her just how much I love and appreciate her.

Canvas Factory: A Fairy of a Beauty Review & Giveaway!

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At the end of June, we were incredibly luck enough to work with Enchanted Fairies on a photoshoot and review. A few weeks later, we were given our beautiful images from them and immediately I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to put my daughter's gorgeous face on canvas so that forever I could remember that amazing day. We were able to do so and I have to say, beautiful!

Enchanted Fairies: The Beauty of a Return!

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Enchanted Fairies: Official Facebook

Enchanted Fairies is an official donor & contributor to Kidd's Kids. An organization started by the late DJ Kidd Kraddick of Dallas, Texas to help make a difference in the lives of special needs children!

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"Keep looking up, because that's where it all is..." - Kidd Kraddick

An amazing part of our Princess Guide!

In April of 2016, I was lucky enough to get to review an experience at Enchanted Fairies. I remember driving there with my sweet little girl, yelling at cars to get out of the way as we were hitting traffic at every turn. This time, I brought my husband so he could see the amazing experience and we left so early, no traffic except for a very small moment. We still parked, and ran straight to Enchanted Fairies excited!

(Exterior of Enchanted Fairies inside Willow Bend Mall in Plano, TX)

Tablets and Electronics and Your Child: When is Enough, Enough?

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When my daughter was born, the first thing I said was "I won't let her touch electronics until she's old enough to read!" That promise to myself was very short lived, as I realized there were many teaching apps out there even for babies. As she got older, we found that she could begin learning her ABC's, listen to learning songs, and so on through my old iPhone and we even would get her basic tablets when we started to realize it would impact her eyesight. We still read to her every day, but her electronic was with her all the time. She's now turning 8 and yesterday I had to finally put my foot down. Her usual routine is now this:

Thank You Friends & Fans For Never Giving Up On Us!

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When we began The Review Ballerina, we created something that was a hobby of ours. It still is, my husband and I work together to bring to you wonderful reviews of products, services, and attractions that we know are awesome for the families and parents along with their beautiful children. But just as with your lives, ours has had its ups and downs.