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Precious Moments "I Love You With My Whole Heart" Figurine Review:

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A wonderful thank you to Precious Moments for sending this beautiful figurine to review for my honest opinion.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am seriously a Christmas baby. I've always been in love with the season of Christmas whether it was the classic music, the decorations, the smells of cookies baking, the caroling...I mean you name it and I love it. So when Precious Moments spoke of a Christmas in July option I jumped at the chance to celebrate this with all of my readers! Today, we get to discuss an absolutely precious figurine!

Townley Girl's Incredibles 2 Products Review & Giveaway!

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Growing up, I LOVED The Incredibles. The first movie was fantastic, and I loved how it was a family of superheros and not just the Mom or the Dad leading the way. Dash was always my favorite, though Violet was a close second. When the second film was announced I got so giddy, and then at the age of 33 the second Incredibles film came out and though I haven't seen it yet I've heard it's great film with a lot of moments that bring adults back to their childhoods. Townley Girl has once again given amazing products for your children to join you on the fun journey and now we get to show you!

Whataburger: A Long-Standing Texas Experience:

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When someone crosses into Texas who have never been here, the first thing a Texan tells them to do besides get a glass of "real sweet tea" is: "Go to Whataburger"! Since 1950 Whataburger has given some of the best quality meals all fresh, and always the same fantastic flavor. While other chains have tried to take over the Lone Star State bringing their uniqueness, Whataburger continues to stand the test of time and today, I wanted to bring to you a bit of that yumminess!

Mysticons: Treasure Box & Em Action Figure Review!

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Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. From pups (Paw Patrol), to race cars (Blaze and the Monster Machines). Little Girls can find it difficult to find a show that focuses on their own powers and the ability to save the world without help and Mysticons does precisely that!

Precious Moments "Every Day Is a Gift" Pitcher Review:

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A wonderful thank you to Precious Moments for sending this beautiful pitcher to review for my honest opinion.

This could be an amazing Summer time decor addition for your home!

Precious Moments is known mostly for figurines and incredible ornaments. But this time, for Spring and Summer I was sent an amazing and charismatic piece of decor that I cannot wait to show you all. Get ready to check out a piece of Precious Moment's "Farmhouse Decor", the decorative "Every Day is a Gift" pitcher!