2024 Valentine's Gift Guide:

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Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Wines

This delicious set of non-alcoholic wines are made with the alcohol removed. The taste of each flavor is still present while containing less than 0.5 alcohol by volume. From toasting someone's promotion to celebrating family events, the delicious taste of wine from Jøyus allows those who want to join in while not having the effects of alcohol. This winery is locating within the USA in Washington State.

Delicious flavors of Sparkling Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sparkling White Wine. Can be purchased in a collection of four bottles, or individually.

Price: Sparkling White and Rosé: $26.99 

Cabernet Sauvignon: $28.99

Collection of Four Bottles: Sale Price $99


The Functional Chocolate Co.

Photo Credit: The Functional Chocolate Co.

Chocolate is a usual staple around Valentine's Day. But did you know you can find chocolate that is functional as well as delicious? The Functional Chocolate Co. makes bars that help with daily frustrations, concerns, pains, and more. Each flavor is unique with ingredients to help anything from PMS, to Attention Struggles, Depression, even sleep! Who wouldn't want to eat a few pieces of chocolate before climbing into bed?

Styles of Bars: Brainy, Carefree, Energy, Hot, Painfree, Rhythm, Sexy, Sleepy and Functional

Price: One Bar: $7.89 

Subscribe and Save: $7.10


Nadine West

Beautiful and stylish fashions that are affordable and come right to your door. This company can help you find your style even if you think you already know it. Working with any size, shape, or height you can find anything from pants, dresses, tops, jeggings and jeans. Also included can be jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Never feel you have to pay for it all, just send back what isn't liked before the due date and only keep what is wanted.

Once the style quiz is completed, pricing varies based upon items delivered to your home. Final charge each month is what is kept after due date!

Aroma Passions

Everyone wants to find a scent for themselves that not only helps them to stand out, but brings their personality out for others to get to know. Aroma Passions has several fragrances for men and women that range from floral to musk, even unisex scents! Their scent Love is inspired by D. Absolutely Blooming and the longer it's on my skin, the warmer it smells and I fall even more for it. 

Price: 30ml $29 | 50ml $45 | 100ml $79

Price is same for all fragrances

Verdant Lyfe

Photo Credit: Verdant Lyfe

Beautiful and unique, plants are always a genuine way to show your love. Verdant Lyfe offers beautiful plants of all kinds to help your significant other keep something long lasting from you. From Carnivorous to Air Purifying, you can find anything you want or need including planters!

Prices range from $4-$165 each.


Succulents Depot

Photo Credit: Succulents Depot

It wasn't until seeing these beautiful succulents in person did I realize just how amazing they can be. Succulents Depot has beautiful plants, succulents, cacti, and houseplants that not only will liven up the home of the one you love but help cleanse the air and purify it. With 23+ categories to choose from just of Succulents alone, know that these will be shipped to you safely, and healthy.

Prices range from $3-$27 each.



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