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Canvas Factory Canvas Review:

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Canvas Factory turns your special moments in life and great pictures into wonderful works of art for your home. From small canvases to split art, even collages you can find something to be perfect for every room of your home, classroom, and more. I was able to review the 16x20 Canvas Print.

StickerBeans: Collect Them All! Review:


Every generation has something that they "had to have". My generation was Pogs, remember those things?

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You just weren't popular unless you had Pogs with their Slammers! I ended up with two or three large tubes of those things before realizing they were just pieces of cardboard with prints on them. Of course now I wish I still had them, for sentimental value. In the age of collecting there is something new and cute that you can get, Stickerbeans!!

Crazy Cups: Review & Flavor of the Month - Rum Vanilla Rhumba

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Every month, Crazy Cups reveals a new flavor that is always better than the last. This month's flavor "Rum Vanilla Rhumba" is smooth, sweet, completely makes you forget you're drinking coffee, and had me reacting to it the same way Mary Poppins reacted to her medicine:

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Moviehouse & Eatery: McKinney Review

Going to the movies has been a past time of families for many generations. From drive-ins to stadium seating, the experience going as a family to the movies has changed over time but is still just as thrilling as it has always been. Moviehouse & Eatery allows a classy form of going to the movies while still allowing the family experience with reclining leather seats, fantastic food and most of all, great movies on perfect screens!

"Oliver & Hope's Good Deeds Day" to Benefit United Healthcare!

New Children’s Storybook about Good Deeds Raises Funds
to Help Families Pay for Child Medical Costs

·         “Oliver & Hope’s Good Deeds Day” is available at
§  Proceeds from the book will fund grants that help families pay for children’s medical expenses
§  Book donations are taking place at elementary schools and children’s hospitals across the country in time for  National Random Acts of Kindness Day

MINNETONKA, Minn. (Feb. 16, 2017) – The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) is combining messages of kindness and generosity with creative storytelling in its latest children’s book chronicling the adventures of Oliver the lovable bear and Hope the spirited butterfly.