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Precious Moments "May the Gift of Love Be Yours This Season" Ornament Review:

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A wonderful thank you to Precious Moments for sending this beautiful ornament to review for my honest opinion.

As a child, you'd love to see Precious Moments whether it be in the newspaper, on desks, and especially at Christmas. I loved seeing ornaments that involved those cute little children and their pets. Giving gifts to each other, smiling their cute little smiles, it just made you warm and fuzzy. Today, I get to review a special ornament that I know any family would cherish forever.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden Review:

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Last year, getting a Hatchimal was the biggest Christmas scene ever. I knew parents that were getting up at 3am on Black Friday and racing out to get one, just to find out stores were already running out! This year, one of the newest ones to join the Hatchimals Family is the Glittering Garden, and we get to review it for you!

Busy Mom's Bakery - Willy Wonka Sweets Review

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Within the local area of Texoma (Based out of Bedford) is a fantastic company named Busy Mom's Bakery. The Bakery's owner Sheree is an at-home baker that specializes in many sweet treats from cakes to cheesecakes, cupcakes and even chocolate dipped fruits. I reached out to Sheree to discuss a review and I feel she went above and beyond what I could've ever expected!

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Crazy Cups: Review & Flavor of the Month - Butterscotch

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Have you ever unwrapped a piece of butterscotch candy? That lightly caramel colored candy that once it hits your tongue is so smooth tasting that you savor it while you have it? You don't ever crunch it or chew it, because it's just that amazing? Well Crazy Cups has found a way to bring about that delicious Butterscotch flavor into coffee while keeping with their ability to not be overpowering, or "fake" flavors. Today (if you can't tell already) I'm reviewing their Butterscotch flavor!

Townley Girl's Despicable Me 3 Products Review & Giveaway!

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Do you love Minions?? Yes you do! We love Minions, how about you? (Okay, come on you can't say you didn't see that second half coming after reading the first half). Townley Girl put out some amazing Minions products, and I get to share this with all of you! Townley Girl has put out some beautiful Despicable Me 3 products including lip glosses, lip balms, nail sets and polishes, even a cute mirror!