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Top Ten Pumpkin Spice Items in Stores -- 2017 Edition!

In 2015, I made a top 10 list that I truly thought could not be beaten. Last year it became clear that the Pumpkin Spice craze has really became so insane that I wonder how many people do not have brains--just giant pumpkins filled with "spice" in their heads! Here is the 2017 edition of "Top 10 Pumpkin Spice Items Currently in your Stores!"

Crayola Back-To-School Silly Scents Review:

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As children return to school, school supplies are a necessity. My daughter's list in particular requested several boxes of crayons and of course my only choice was Crayola! This year, Crayola has put out the most awesome products called "Silly Scents", and instantly my family fell in love with them. Everyone remembers scented markers from their childhood, correct? Those awesome markers that smelled like cherry, licorice, blueberry, and you couldn't stop sniffling them even after you had dabbed multiple colors under your nose.

Crazy Cups: Review & Flavor of the Month - Mocha Turtle

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Guess who's back! That's right! I am back and adoring coffee like you would not believe! A huge thank you to Crazy Cups for being patient while I was able to get back on track with my coffee reviews. Coffee is a staple of every day life, whether people want to admit it or not; and the fact that the last several months I couldn't really touch coffee well let's just was so hard to get through the weeks without my Crazy Cups. But, this month's flavor came in just as I was able to go back to drinking coffee and it was heaven in a cup!

When Did Television Become Subliminal Messaging?

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Several weeks ago, a new television show began on Thursday evenings and I decided it was a great event for my husband and I. He is a walking encyclopedia of music (the fact he beat my Dad on Trivial Pursuit told me a lot) and when it comes to the genres he doesn't know I'm great filler, I thought this show would be right up our alleys. So Thursday nights became a night of:

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