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When Did Television Become Subliminal Messaging?

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Several weeks ago, a new television show began on Thursday evenings and I decided it was a great event for my husband and I. He is a walking encyclopedia of music (the fact he beat my Dad on Trivial Pursuit told me a lot) and when it comes to the genres he doesn't know I'm great filler, I thought this show would be right up our alleys. So Thursday nights became a night of:

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Play-Doh Bath Soaps & 3-in-1 Body Wash Review:

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Every child loves Play-Doh, and every parent gets involved as well! Recently for Christmas our daughter become the happy owner of a Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Set and then she was lucky enough to receive the Play-Doh Bath & Body 3-in-1 Body Wash! She was jumping up and down all giddy and then gave some of the biggest smiles ever when she got to open them from the box.

Trolls/Avengers/Tsum Tsums Reviews & Giveaway:

Any girl I know whether young or old loves Tsum Tums, The Avengers, and Trolls. The movie Trolls has become a daily routine in our house my daughter even had me set up a Spotify playlist of the soundtrack in her room so she could dance around for hours to Justin Timberlake's sweet sounding voice. Townley Girl has incredible products that you can add to any Easter Basket for girls for many items including Trolls, Tsum Tums, and The Avengers, check this out!

Crazy Cups: Review & Flavor of the Month - Chocolate Covered Almonds

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On March 3rd, unfortunately my family was in a car accident so it put the blog on a bit of a hold. Shortly after that, my monthly selection from Crazy Cups arrived and it put some sunshine back into my daily routine for a while as I was struggling to handle all the "adult'ing" I had to do. Sometimes, a good cup of coffee makes all the difference in the world every day and this month was no exception.

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