Media Kit for The Review Ballerina:

Terms and Conditions:
Review service is free of charge, no monetary compensation desired.
I will review local DFW and Texoma Restaurants, Businesses, and Services/Attractions free of charge in exchange for complimentary service.
I will not purchase or pay for shipping for any item in exchange for a review.
 All Items will be kept as compensation.
  1. The review will contain pictures and possibly a video, an honest review, your company's logo or stock photo of the item being reviewed, and links back to your site/social media and will be shared across all social media accounts.
  2. I only accept full sized products for review, unless receiving a subscription box.
  3. Company is responsible for shipping and the cost of the item; items will NOT be returned. At no time will shipping be purchased or paid for or any balance after a coupon code is used. Reimbursement is not an option.
  4. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks after item is received for the review to be posted. Company will be notified when item is received.
  5. NO extra compensation will be accepted for a guaranteed positive review or removal/fixing of a negative review.
  6. If item received is defective, damaged during shipping, missing parts, or anything else that keeps review from being completed company will be notified right away. If company does not respond within seven business days, review will not be continued until contact is made.
Giveaway Policy: Giveaways are a wonderful way to continue exposure for the company after the review has been posted. All Reviews and/or giveaways are shared on the blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. All giveaway are shared within multiple Facebook groups. Giveaways will be a separate post from the review, and will be pinned on the Facebook page until completion.
  1. Sponsor is responsible for shipping the item directly to the winner. If items are shipped to The Review Ballerina with the expectation that they are for giveaway, they will be given away locally only. The Review Ballerina is not responsible for the shipment of ANY item(s).
  2. The Review Ballerina is not responsible for any lost or damaged items, and if contact has not been made between the winner(s) and the company, I will notify the company right away.
  3. Winner is selected via Gleam, and is completely random.
  4. As of November 1st, 2014 per Facebook policy, fans can no longer be asked to like a page in exchange for an entry into a giveaway. In giveaways, it will now request a visit to the page which will still increase exposure. 
Giveaways (Without Review):
If you would like us to do a giveaway without a review, the following is our policy:
An identical item must be sent to the Review Ballerina in exchange for a giveaway not accompanied by a review. Giveaway will still be posted on all Social Media Accounts and on blog.

Sponsored Posts:
No monetary cost for a sponsored post.
Sponsored Post for Local Business, Attraction, or Location:

Opportunity to come for complimentary service in exchange for a sponsored post once a month.

Sponsored post for an item:

One full-sized item from sponsored post, or an item of choice from company's website in exchange for a sponsored post once a month.


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