Dragon Oils Tea & Oil Review


I only recently began looking into Essential Oils for remedies. I had been told that essential oils work better than any man made medication so I wanted to see. This is my Dragon Oils Review of their Cold Immunity Tea and Sleeping Oil.


My first part of the review is the cold immunity tea. I drank this and it tasted really nice. The ingredients are: Anise seed, catnip, chamomile, hyssop lemon balm, marjoram, raspberry leaf, & spearmint. It was really smooth tasting, and I added just a tiny bit of sugar because I'm a very "sweet" needing person. The best part was I drank it right before bed, and I slept very well and felt very relaxed after drinking it. Did it immune me from a cold? Well, I didn't get one until my daughter brought one home from preschool in June so I'll say yes!


The other part of my review is on the sleeping oil. I don't have an ingredient list on this but I did as it instructed and dabbed it on my wrists, temple, and neck. It didn't help me fall asleep quickly or anything, but it did keep me asleep all night. I remember I woke up halfway through the night as my daughter was crying for me and I could barely keep my eyes open as I sat next to her bed. Normally when I wake up, I'm wide eyed until I get back in bed. Nope, it was 'lights out' all night! This didn't seem to have an impact on my daughter though, but she is a very light sleeper and never sleeps through the night so that would've been a sheer miracle. For adults, I DEFINITELY recommend this oil though! Especially if you've tried to sleep with melatonin, valerian root, and made made sleep aids. The pills are highly addictive (I was addicted to them once) so this makes me feel very good knowing it's all natural and still helps me sleep!

Dragon Oils is a small one woman business right now, but her products are fantastic and I know as adults we all need the best opportunities to relax. I would suggest giving her products a try, especially if you're wanting something that will help you without possible negative side effects.
Out of Five Stars, I give Dragon Oils !!!


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