Milago Cross from Rios Interiors Review

First off, a huge thank you to Ms. Carla Ballinger for permitting us to visit and giving me an item to review. This is my review of a Milagro Cross from Rios Interiors.

This store is located in the Ft. Worth Stockyards area so if you ever plan to visit Dallas/Ft. Worth, or if you live here and want to think of places to go have fun and see great attractions this is a definite hot spot. Upon walking into Rios you can find everything that you need for your home, and 70% of the items you find in their store are hand made by the designers there. We first came a week before and looked around and I was stunned at how beautiful the pieces were. Especially their beds, oh I would've died for a bed from there their head boards and foot boards were gorgeous!

Note: I have to go back one day and take new photos of the store, my camera is not turning on allowing me to get those photos, so I apologize now for missing those here.

Carla gave me a Milagro Cross to review and it's just stunning. As many may know, "milagro" means "miracle", and the cross has small metal charms that are religious in nature found in many areas of Latin America; specifically Mexico and Peru. They came in many colors such as blue, red, green, but my eyes kept coming back to the black with silver paint. With the charms being metallic, the paint brought them out even more.

The paint makes each tip look "antique" or "older" in my eyes, and each charm as you can see matches the paint on this particular cross. Each charm is nailed on and you can see the nails and to me personally, brings a representation of when Jesus was nailed to the cross. This may not be the representation the makers of the cross meant to bring but that's just what it brings to me. 

My favorite charm is the cross right in the center of the cross, for me it speaks of the heart. Each charm has a different meaning and there are many different ones such as charm body parts, cars and trucks, men's and women's heads, houses, animals and so on. There's even a charm for books, pencils and notepads to help children as students with school. This cross encompasses every balance of life and helps you along any path you choose to take each day.

Here's a closer shot of the edges of the cross and I apologize for the blurriness of the charms there. But you really can see the nails driven into each charm, and like I said how it makes me feel like it symbolizes Jesus nailed to the cross. This cross is beautiful, and I think anyone who is religious should consider ordering one of these from Rios Interiors online and having it shipped to you. Have a piece of Texas within your home that has more symbolism than you could imagine.

Out of Five Stars, I give Rios Interiors Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!


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