Savannah Bee Honey Body Lotion & Lip Balm Review

First off, a thank you to Ms. Kate Dowdle for the wonderful items to review. I was surprised to find the items in my mailbox so quickly! This is my review of the Tupelo Honey Body Lotion and Key Lime, Peach, and Sweet Tea lip balms.

The first thing I tried was the Sweet Tea lip balm. This drink is huge in our household and there is never a pitcher missing of Sweet Tea. I smelled it at first and to be honest it kind of smelled faintly of peanuts. I put it on my lips and same thing, smelled and tasted faintly of peanuts. I didn't taste sweet tea at all and my husband believes that the flavor is so faint it doesn't cover up any of the beeswax taste, which could be what I'm tasting. The Key Lime and Peach though are amazing flavored!! I'm a huge Key Lime flavor person. Pies, Cupcakes, flavored whatever, what I can get my hands on. So this was really tasty. I've had the lip balm on for about 45 minutes now and my lips still feel smooth, moisturized and yet there's no real greasiness or catching in the creases of my mouth.

The other thing we got was a full sized bottle of the Tupelo Honey body lotion. My husband has a skin condition called Dyshidrosis and due to this he doesn't have a lot of lotion options. His elbows have looked a little dry lately so I had him use this. He said it soaked into the skin really quick, didn't leave a greasy feeling on his elbows or his fingers, and seemed to moisturize quickly. After about 30 minutes he says it "Kind of" feels still moisturized so I'm assuming if you're really dry like him, you'd need frequent applications at first. But the smell of the lotion is very subtle of honey and beeswax and very nice.

All in all, if you're a fan of natural beeswax products I think this is a great company. The products are really fantastic and except for the lack of taste/flavor with the Sweet Tea lip balm I'd definitely recommend this company to family/friends.

Out of five stars, I give Savannah Bee Company Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!


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