Wood and Copper Pendant Necklace Review

One thing that I adore when it comes to jewelry is homemade jewelry. As glamorous as factory made jewelry can be (Even when hand made) to get a piece that is unique and one of a kind makes you feel extremely special, and honored. In a Facebook Group that I recently joined, a jewelry designer named Darlene Johnson was doing a giveaway...and I won a Wood and Copper Pendant Necklace. I was really excited and I decided to write a review to promote her jewelry line as I think these pieces are perfect for those who would rather have unique over stamped out.


The necklace is a piece of black rope, with a pendant made of agatized wood wrapped in copper. The wood is smooth and has some weight to it which I love. I am not a fan of jewelry that you put on and don't feel anymore. It runs the risk of falling off and you don't know it until it's far gone. The copper is not loose at all, it's bound tightly around the wood and is not thin. This piece will last for years and years and the best part is, it has a beautiful meaning behind it.


For those who follow a Wiccan or Pagan path, this works for you. From Darlene herself:
 "This necklace can be used in healing rituals. The wood is used for grounding, protection, safety, ancient energies. Wood is the root sacral and solar plexus charka. The copper works like an antibiotic, helps to keep infection away. It also helps healing problems with excess fat, it also benefits the liver, spleen and lympathic system. The cord helps everything work together."

All in all I think Ms. Johnson and her work is very unique and special and I think everyone should look at her page for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or even just a simple "Thinking of you". She definitely has a lot to offer through her work and I know all of you would love to own something she has created. I also would like to thank Darlene for running her giveaway, and allowing me to win!
Out of five stars, I give Dj & Daughters Dreamcatcher Plus !!


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