YaY Novelty Wallet & Luggage Tag Review

Everyone loves a wallet that not only holds what you need, but is fashionable. YaY Novelty definitely gives you this and this is my review of a YaY Novelty Wallet and Luggage Tag. I officially state this as the first in "Santa's Seasonal Suggestions"!

The first thing I noticed with both the tag and the wallet were the quality of the images. I love how clear the luggage tag's image is (Called "Midnight Winter"). It's as clear as you see on their website and that was one thing I wanted to see. Many times you'll see a beautiful, HD shot on the website but you get something in person and it's pixilated or fuzzy. Definitely, not with YaYtag! Clear, beautiful, and very sturdy. It's thick and could take a beating when going through the typical airport luggage areas. I figure I'll put this on my daughter's back pack for school or something so that she stands out even more for classes.
I have to be honest I was a little disappointed when I saw the wallet. I expected something bigger, and more of a billfold than a credit card holder. It has the look of a man's velcro billfold on the website, but it's still fantastically (is this a word?) made. Thick material again, and smooth when pulling a card in and out. There's no catching from the inside and the only thing I think I'd be worried about is if I had this in my pocket. The outside material is very smooth so I'd worry it would slip out and I'd never know it. But I love the design of it, there are many options to choose from and again, the design is cute and clear. Nothing fuzzy or blurry here either.

All in all, I have to say YaY Novelty has great items that are cute and well priced. These would be great stocking stuffers for Christmas for your teenagers or your loved one!

Out of five stars, I give YaY Novelty's Wallets & Luggage Tags: Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!!

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