12" Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan Review

Another awesome company with great products for Christmas gifts! Another fantastic Suggestion from Santa!

My husband Jon is the chef in the house. So when I told him we were going to get to review a new pan he got very excited. So today we get to review together the 12" Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan.

I wasn't home when the pan arrived, but I saw the delivery notification on my phone. When I called the house my husband told me it was here and it was a "Really fantastic pan". After coming home I had to agree just based on the quality. It's heavy, a ceramic pan that is so well made it's smooth on the first cook. The coating is "Greblon", and Jon used the pan today to cook some chicken patties. Compared to what you find in most stores, there were no black flakes coming up from the teflon, there was no smoke from paint on the underside getting hot. It was a fantastic pan and it heated up evenly. The food came out perfect as well when normally we're spinning a pan around on the stove trying to get the food right!

Another I love that came with it was a pan protector, and this is something I KNOW we'll be using often. You place it in the pan to stack pans on it and it protects the pan from damage. Stewie Griffin a few times on Family Guy goes "Oh, thoughtful!" and that's just what I thought from getting this. Not often you'll have a company take so much pride in their items that they send things like this to you. Normally you only see it in stores that the stores use!

After using the pan, Jon rinsed the pan with some hot water, a light scrub with our sponge and then dried it. The grease and everything came right out and it was very "Non-stick" when cooking! He says "Even a grilled cheese in this pan will be really easy to do!" and that is great. We love trying out new recipes that call for sticky sauces or we make our own so to know we won't destroy this pan easily with all the cooking we do is wonderful.

All in all, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by this pan. I would love to get the set, and even some of their pots (I wish they had a dutch oven!) because I know the quality of this will last for a very long time. Usually, we buy a pan and within a year or two we're having to replace it. Not Ozeri's!

Out of Five Stars, I give Ozeri Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!

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