2015 Christmas Lovers' Secret Santa Registry:

Last year, I started a group on Facebook specifically for the joy and cheer of Christmas called Christmas Lovers. When Christmas started coming, the members wanted to discuss the option of a gift exchange between the adults. There was mention that other groups were doing this and I realized that adults have options for gift exchanges, but children do not. It is difficult these days for a struggling family to get on the Angel Trees in the malls or get help from their local organizations for Christmas, so with the help of a couple of other admins we created the Secret Santa Registry.

This registry is for the children or pets of Christmas Lovers members and provides an opportunity for parents who cannot provide a Christmas for their own children to be able to get assistance. Through the warmth and love of Christmas Lovers last year, over 20 children and a couple of cute pups all received gifts and this year we are hoping for an even better outcome! This year I would love to have all children and pets receive 4+ items under the tree!

Below is the application to be a part of the 2015 Christmas Lovers Secret Santa Registry. You MUST be a member of Christmas Lovers to be allowed to join in. All applications are verified by multiple admins to keep "freebie jumpers" from participating. Our group needs children and pets on the list, and also members who would like to purchase for the children even if you are not adding anyone. It is through the Christmas heart that some of these children will have a Christmas and we can make it happen!


  1. This is such a great thing! There are so many families out there that can not afford to buy their children gifts for Christmas. I have been in that boat way too many times for my liking. Going to share this with some of my friends!


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