A Calm Coloring Adventure: Flora & Fauna Stress Relief Coloring Book Review

Even as an adult I like to color, it helps me calm down when my anxiety and depression flares up. I was so excited when I saw I was going to get to review this book because one of my most favorite things to do is sit down next to my daughter and color. She'll color her Sesame Street or Circus Animals, and I'll color Fairies, and now this!

Each page has so many little details to color that you really can sit back and think before coloring. You can wonder what color combinations you want to do on each flower, if you want to do just one solid color on a flower, and now that Autumn is here you have to wonder if you want to go Summer, Spring, Autumn, or Winter colors. It really is beautiful and fantastic to see such an opportunity to relax and color.

I would definitely suggest this for both adults and children, as it helps children with their motor skills and their imaginations. I love the designs as well, they're beautiful and have so many little details they really made sure you had a lot to look forward to!

You can use the link at the top of the review to order your own!

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