Bake It Pretty Cupcake Liners & Icing Bag Review

I have tried in the last couple of years to become suzy homemaker and one of those "perfect" moms. When I got the chance to review some items from Bake It Pretty, I figured it had to be like... bake by numbers pretty much. I've learned today that I cannot ice anything to save my life but I CAN have fun with my daughter doing this!

First thing I loved was how pretty the box was when it arrived. I've used the ribbon that wrapped the box in my daughter's hair already. It was just a nice, neat little box of items.

Inside the box was a package of different sized cupcake liners, and a professional, reusable icing bag with four different tips. I got so excited thinking this was it, I was going to be able to pull a "Cake Boss" style icing out of my behiney. Boy, did I realize that was not going to be the case! After going to the store a buying the cake mix and icing, I began the process of trying to become America's Next Baker.

My cute little helper decided she wanted to help me. So we added eggs (and I figured out by opening the container one egg got smashed by the fridge door at some point, ewwwww!), water, butter, and the cake mix. Stir Stir Stir! I was trying out some new cake mix I'd seen called "Butter chocolate". It smelled amazing and reminded me of hot chocolate at Christmas time. Which just made me wish this Texas Summer would end already. 
We then moved on the stirring and I love how my husband has a set of three whisks. So now my helper can join in for as long as her arm allows. I realized during this she really needs a better step stool in the kitchen, haha. We moved to the dining room and I stirred while my helper dipped that little finger in to taste the batter a couple of times. "Mmmm!"

Four different cupcake liners in four different sizes. Shame I over filled!

The pan read "muffin tin" when I bought it. I must've jinxed myself because my cupcakes completely came out the size of large muffins. I could've fed three house holds on the sized cupcakes I had accidentally made. I waited 25-30 minutes until they cooled down. Then moved onto the best part; Frosting them. I pulled up the icing video that Bake It Pretty has made and followed the directions on how to add the icing tip to the bag, and how to fill the bag. I used 2-3 spoonfuls of icing for two different icing tips hoping I'd get the hang of it. Well needless to say you can give a bad baker great supplies, but you can't make a great baker out of me! I really tried, I did...

Yeah, I sucked. But in terms of cleaning the bag and tips it was super easy. Everything rinsed out easily and a little soap and everything was clean in 5 minutes! The liners looked wonderful on the cupcakes, the problem was with their "muffin tops" you really couldn't see them. I loved the flower ones though I am hoping to buy some more of those soon.

All in all the supplies are awesome. I love having the professional bag and the cake tips and I know with some practice I may be able to make an icing rose some day. But for now I shall enjoy my butter chocolate cupcakes with overly amounts of icing caked onto them!

Out of Five Stars, I give Bake It Pretty Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!!


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