Dapper Box August 2015 Review

Another awesome Christmas idea from "Santa's Seasonal Suggestions"!

When I started blogging on my own, the first thing I told my husband was "You're getting involved". He'd been guest blogging with me on Steph's Cheers & Jeers but one thing people do love when I write them is how this is a family thing. My husband, daughter and I get into the reviews and I love that. My husband is not a "dapper" man and it's one thing I do love about him. So he is helping me with this one.

Looks like the theme this month was...blue or Arctic or something. We received a tie, socks, some after shave, and a handkerchief. According to the website, we were also supposed to have collar stays but we didn't get any. The box was not an official "Dapper box" so I'm not sure if they meant for us to not have them or what.

The tie is a narrow tie, not like your "Grandpa's" ties that hung like a clown's outfit. It's a very nice shade of blue and it's great quality. There's no tag or anything that shows the material so I can't confirm if this is pure silk or something like that. My husband says he loves the tie but now has to figure out how to actually tie one, haha. I love the fact that what he got looked like an adult's tie and not something of a "novelty". You sometimes expect that of subscription boxes something that can be novelty and not serious. Any man that gets this could wear this to the office or out on the town so that's a huge plus.

The socks are interesting, not something I would expect as "dress socks". Not sure of the material again, they're definitely not silk and my husband doesn't believe them to be wool. They remind me of the kind of socks you'll see a serious businessman wearing when he sits down in his perfectly pressed three-piece suit...and then think to yourself "He's a comedian outside of the office." My husband says they are warm enough you can wear them in the Winter but for a Texan in the Summer, not so much. One issue we did find, is that there is no request of a shoe size for the sock. He'll have to stretch these to get them over his feet so that isn't good. A few times of stretching and I worry they will tear pretty quick in the toes.

The handkerchief is linen, the aftershave smells like spearmint. Not much can really be said about the two, my husband has not shaved yet. I'm pretty sure it'll burn like all other aftershaves but at least when I kiss him he'll smell like Wrigley's gum!

I'm not sure why, but I kind of expected more for their price of $29.00 monthly or $23.00 per month on an annual cost. It's great for men who always want to have a change in look while at the office or on the town but I was a bit disappointed.

Out of five stars, I give Dapper Box Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!

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