Double Review -- Waverly Shoes & Black Velvet and Red Holiday Dress:

See Kai Run: Official Facebook

Classy Kidz Shop: Official Website
Classy Kidz Shop: Official Facebook

Both Companies are Fantastic Opportunities from "Santa's Seasonal Suggestions!"

Classy Kidz Shop is a store based out of San Gabriel, California that creates beautiful boys and girl's clothing for holidays and special occasions. In honor of the Seasonal Suggestions list I have started, they were wonderful enough to allow me to review their "Black Velvet & Red Holiday Dress". I decided to do a double review with the shoes I received from another company as the outfit looked so amazing together.

See Kai Run is a children's shoe company that was founded by a Mom who was looking for the best quality shoe her child could have but with the greatest style. I was given the opportunity to review the "Waverly" design of their shoes

The first thing I was told about the dress was that they ran a little big so even though she is turning four, she received a size 2T dress. I love the length where it stops around mid-calf, and the shimmer of the skirt in the sunlight was absolutely gorgeous. The black velvet top of the dress fit perfectly and was very soft, and also thin. So I don't have to worry about her feeling weighed down on top when trying to move around.

The back is beautiful as well, but the tie was either A) a bit small or B) sewn a bit too high. It doesn't settle down along where the top and the skirt meet so you can see in the picture here that you'll see black underneath the tie on the sides. This also keeps the bow on the back from really draping along the skirt but for all I know this is the style and it's not supposed to be big. The shimmery top material of the skirt rests lower than the rest of the skirt, and I love that as well it really keeps this very gentle, beautiful feel to the dress when she walks. Plus the length of the dress gives perfect view of the shoes! Note to self: buy white or black tights. Socks just do not fit with this outfit.

The shoes from See Kai Run are absolutely precious! When I was first putting them on her I was afraid they were too small even though they were a size 8. It was almost like her feet would not go in! Then suddenly they slid in and all was well. My husband pointed out that she has to stretch them a little just like any other child in new shoes so that was a "Here's Your Sign" moment for this Mom. I love how the strap goes around the ankle, and the silver leaves on the shoes are so beautiful! With a pair of white tights, I do think this dress and shoe combination will be beautiful and will make for some amazing Santa Claus pictures.

Here's another picture above which shoes the shoes and the dress together. It really was a perfect combination!

I would definitely recommend See Kai Run for shoes, and Classy Kidz Shop for a holiday outfit for your child. They have both dresses and tuxedos so if you've already begun looking for that great look for Christmas, look no further!

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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