Engravable Silver Square Monogram Tag Pendant from Eve's Addiction Review

Another great option from "Santa's Seasonal Suggestions"!

One thing you always want to consider for Christmas, birthdays, and even just "thinking of you" gifts is jewelry. Eve's Addiction has quality, beautiful pieces of jewelry and many engravable pieces for a great price that'll fit any budget. I decided to pick out something for my daughter to review because one thing you normally cannot find are jewelry pieces for a preschooler that aren't plastic and very colorful. With Ms. Huang's help, I was able to get something fantastic!

The pendant is small, and has her initials "OMG" engraved into it. This is real silver, and came polished and in a perfect gift giving box. I love how beautiful and clear the initials are, and they really do a fantastic job of making sure that this is something that can grow with whomever you give it to. I was confused at first when I looked at the "G", I thought it was lower cased while the "O" and the "M" were upper cased. But no, this is upper case as well and the more I look at it the more I love it even more like that. It feels more feminine this way, and more dainty.

The company was even nice enough to give us a 14" inch chain for the necklace when normally their smallest is 16" which was so accommodating. It's a bit thin, but again very feminine and lovely. I can't wait to give it to my daughter and show her, though I am waiting just a bit until I think she is ready for more grown up jewelry. I think this is a piece everyone can enjoy because not only is it great for gifts, but if you want to get yourself something like this and maybe your daughter a matching one, or maybe both your children, or even for a wedding party you could give your bridesmaids these. Fantastic beauty in such gorgeous jewelry is hard to find without paying thousands of dollars. This image is a bit blurry on the charm, but I moved the chain some so you can see the thinness of it and see that it is interlocked very well. 

All in all, Eve's Addiction carries what you need for any special occasion. I am hoping to get my daughter some earrings from there very soon, as today we have figured out she is allergic to the "hypoallergenic" and "nickel-free" earrings they sell at local stores. Looks like real silver or gold will be the only thing this little girl can handle, and I will be making sure to get all of the pairs from Eve's!

Out of five stars, I give Eve's Addiction Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars 1/2!!

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