Little Tikes "Tumble Train" Review

Another great option from "Santa's Seasonal Suggestions"!

Little Tikes is one of the leading companies in children's toys and furniture. From birth until school age (and even beyond!) you'll find a huge selection of toys from kitchen sets, electronics and more. The furniture can grow with them and they can enjoy it for many years to come. I was excited to get to review the brand new "Tumble Train" by Little Tikes!

Took me a little while to get to review this, I had to buy batteries. It takes four AA batteries so keep that in mind when purchasing, batteries not included! The box is just a little misleading, there is no music that plays, it sounds like a train going down a track. The front light turns on so that was really neat as well.

My daughter suddenly decided to become camera shy when it came time to review this, I am thinking it was due to waking up super early and needing a nap. But I did get some pictures and video of the toy any way! This toy is definitely a must have for all parents. As a parent, first thing I noticed was when putting the track together if you did not put it together just right you end up saying a few choice words in your head that most parents say when putting things together. But once completed it was ineresting to see the finished product! We hit the small button on the smoke stack and away it went!

 We had some issues with the train hitting the table, and immediately the track came apart. After fixing it, we hit it again and watched the train tumble around the dining and living area. One cool thing I like is there are two settings, one that causes the train to only go forward, and another that makes the train go "crazy" and change directions over and over. After putting the setting on here, the train track never came apart! It almost seemed like one of those Roomba's where it knew it hit the wall, but I doubt that was the case! It bounced and swirled around the floor, and then would stop and back up! After about 30-45 seconds it turned off on its own and I was grateful for that. When a soon to be four year old grows tired of playing with one toy and moves onto another she tends to not turn off the toy, and I'd like to save battery life!

The positives of the toy: I love how it sounds when on the track. Especially when it changes direction you'd think it was a cute little robot trying to tell you something. I love how fast it goes and how big it is. 

The negatives: The track tends to come apart a little easily, and there's no music or other sounds other than the "chugga chugga" style sound of a train. 

I love it though, my daughter adores it, and Little Tikes once again did an amazing job!

Out of Five Stars, I give Little Tikes Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!


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