Mele & Co. "Simone" Jewelry Box Review

Another amazing shopping option from Santa's Seasonal Suggestions!!

Mele & Co. is a company that manufactures some of the best looking jewelry boxes you could see. Made out of solid wood and coming in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes for men, women, and children. I was lucky enough to be able to review the "Simone" style jewelry box from this company.

The box is made of solid mahogany finished wood, and three of the four "drawers" do open. The top is a false drawer, where your rings go when the top comes up. I was excited when I got this because for the longest time I had not had a jewelry box that was...well...mature. I had been using a Fairy jewelry box from my cousin but it was one you just combined all your jewelry into, and that called for a lot of tangled necklaces and broken earrings. This one is gorgeous and has two places for your necklaces.

The top comes up, and you can see the ring area there with a small mirror, and then the sides open revealing taller compartments for the necklaces. Each place holds three necklaces that have some space between and the door opens wide enough there's no fear of them getting caught. I love how the circular shape of the front stays when you open the sides it keeps that beautiful, luxury look to the box while using it.
I feel like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York right now as I describe the jewelry box, because you can see the beauty in it from the pictures. Just like in the movie when he sees the hotel bed and goes "Luxurious, and spacious!" as if you can't see this, I'm describing what you see and knowing you're probably going "Yeah, we see!" But this jewelry box is so amazing. You see Walmart and other stores put out Jewelry boxes for Christmas gifts that cost anywhere from $30-$45 but you know they won't last forever. The glass from the doors will fall out, the handles on the drawers will come off, Mele & Co. creates sturdy jewelry boxes that you not only know will last a lifetime, but will be able to be passed down to your children or even Grand children if properly handled. If you are looking for one for your spouse, girlfriend, sister, cousin, aunt, or anyone else I would definitely suggest going with Mele & Co.

Out of Five Stars, I give Mele & Co.: Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!

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