Monkeynastix of Arlington hosted by First Presbyterian Preschool:

Monkeynastix is a fun and exciting movement education program that helps preschoolers with hand/eye coordination, following directions, and more. I was able to get Olivia into a class today and I was able to observe the class as it was happening and I recommend this for any parent who wants to get their child moving and more active for just 30 minutes a class.

 The warm up consists of a CD playing that has all different things from moving their head up and down, their shoulders one at a time then both, their arms swimming backwards and forwards, hopping, and more. It was really cute seeing them keeping up with their instructor and it was great to see Olivia really trying like she did. One thing I particularly enjoyed was how hands on the instructor was compared to some places. Instead of just having them follow along and letting them try but also do their own thing, he really wanted them to try to follow directions and learn it right. I really liked that, and it helped to keep Olivia trying.

The best part after that was getting to use the sticks to balance, and doing a small "obstacle" course. This had to be Olivia's favorite part, first they learned how to balance with the sticks. They also learned how to twirl them above their heads like helicopters, touch their noses with them, a lot of fantastic hand/eye coordination. Then, they got to try the obstacle course. First was walking and balancing, then hopping through rings, and the last was the hardest part. They stepped on the instructor's "squishy spots" and tried to balance while walking on them. At first, Olivia really had a hard time with the last part, but then she became a total pro! Again, I loved how hands on the instructor was, you could tell he really did want them to learn and understand what they were doing! He made sure each of them started out just right with their sticks and balancing, and then he'd watch them hop through the rings before stepping on each "Squishy spot".

Monkeynastix is available at First Presbyterian Preschool in Arlington on Thursdays from 2:45PM-3:15PM. You do not have to be a member of the Preschool for your child to come join in the fun, and I have to admit seeing Olivia work and try hard with the instructor and her classmates was really fantastic. The Preschool is offering many different outlets for children to come and enjoy and I definitely suggest giving it a try. I believe the price was only $30 or $35 a month, so come check it out!

First Presbyterian Preschool
1200 South Collins Street
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 274-4051

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