Silver Signet Ring from Novica Review

I am always a huge fan of independent artists' work. Whether it be music, movies, jewelry, clothing, whatever it is there's always something fantastic about seeing something that isn't just made in a factory, churning out something over and over that is identical and not unique. When Novica gave me the opportunity to review an item I immediately thought of my husband. It's common to see womens' items get reviewed when the opportunity arises or in my case a children's product. I really wanted to do something different so I let my husband pick something out. He chose a silver signet ring and this is our review.

The ring arrived in a very nice pouch and a small card that had some phrases in another language for us to know. Unfortunately, the gnomes every home has took our card and we could not find it shortly after arriving home. The ring is pure sterling silver and is extremely well created. One thing I was wanting to see when we got it was the quality of the round shape. Most of the time when you get something that was hand crafted by an independent artist, you'll see minor dents or nicks in the silver showing some slight flaws. This has none of that, and it looks fantastic.

I love the quality of the top of it as well, though we did expect a bit more darkness between the design based on the image on the website. But the ring fits really "true to size" when he wears it on his finger. He's not normally a jewelry guy so for him to want to wear this every day tells you it's a great quality item and definitely something men would want to wear often. He's already slept in it, smacked it on the counter top, even bathed the kid with it on and not a single mark or damage so this is good, quality craftsmanship.  If jewelry though is not what you're interested in, they also have some incredible things such as Mexican Hammocks, Yoga Clothing, even Tote Bags, and Corporate Gifts for that great boss or secretary. So there is definitely something for everyone here!

I would most definitely consider this company and the items within a great "Santa's Seasonal Suggestion" as you can find multiple items from many, many independent artists all over the world. You can find gifts for young and old, male or female and the best part is, they truly want to give you a great, quality product. It's not about churning it out so you have the same thing as your neighbor but it shows the artist's best traits through their work. Plus, Novica works along with National Geographic so that's always a huge plus!

Out of five stars, I give Novica Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!

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