Snakku Subscription Box Review

I am far from an adventurous person when it comes to trying new foods. But there are just times when you hear that a certain country's food is so unique and though it may sound different it'll taste great I decided to step out of my comfort zone. Snakku is a subscription box of Japanese snacks and treats ranging from cookies to cakes, even Pocky (yum!) so I was excited to get to try this box out.

The first thing I loved, was that the box was wrapped in a real furoshiki, which is a traditional wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods. It's beautiful, and it's now folded very nicely on Olivia's new dresser adding some color. After opening it up, we found ourselves with a plethora of snacking opportunities.

Within the box, we found:

- Ogurasansou rice crackers
- A few packages of "Seasonal" cookies/crackers that are different shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors to represent a different season, region or feeling.- Kyoto Style Senbei (rice crackers)
- Glico (caramel hard candies)
- Pejoy (macha green tea filled "pocky" style snacks)
- Bourbon Roanne (cripsy and light vanilla wafer sandwiches)- Green Tea Dorayaki (white cake stuffed with match red bean paste) - Shiawasedo Milk Cake (Cake made with local Hokkaido milk)

My husband tried the Green Tea Dorayaki and we figured out we are not a fan of red bean paste. But, we did like the Bourbon Roanne and I adored the Pejoy. We tried a package of the "seasonal" cookies/crackers and one was a hand wrapped nori seaweed one. I ate it and I liked it until the last bite then I got a huge taste of seaweed. I used the Pejoy to cleanse the palette as I suddenly became overwhelmed with the flavor. But I know many enjoy that so for those who really enjoy seaweed flavor that is definitely for you. Olivia and I loved the Bourbon Roanne together the thin wafers with the cream was really divine!

On top is the square seaweed flavored cracker/cookie.
My husband loves all of the shrimp flavored cookies and crackers. I think what we also particularly enjoyed was how thin and easily chewable the rice crackers are. You get an American made one and it's hard, overly crunchy, looks like someone made some stale popcorn and put it in the shape of a circle! These were fantastic, and so delicious.  This to the right was the seasonal crackers/cookies and we tried a few of them. One was a "delicate maple glaze", there was a "Bite sized shrimp flavor", even a "rich black sesame" flavored one.

Oh and the cutest part about this, is the Glico came with a small boxed toy. She received a small four piece pizza puzzle to play with as well!

A month to month subscription of a Snakku box is is $38.95 but you get quite an array of things to eat. Every month is different, and only your first month is your box wrapped in a furoshiki. But if you purchase a three or six month subscription then the cost per box goes down. I would definitely recommend this to someone who loves Japanese eats but you can't always find a good selection in a World Market or something like that. I have to admit I am extremely proud of myself for trying new things in this box and I hope members give it a try!

Out of five stars, I give Snakku Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!


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