Well State Power Pearl Probiotic Supplement Review

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I received this item and at first I wasn't sure about it. I am a bit doubtful of anything that says it can help you "increase metabolism", "help with sleep", "fix tummy issues", I mean this sounds like a "miracle pill". But after taking it for only a few days I have to say I am enjoying the slow changes that are occurring for me!

First thing is first, I love this bottle and the lid. When you are balancing a bottle in your palm and a pill in your hand, the last time you want to do is somehow screw that lid back on! This is awesome, quick flip and easy done! Another thing I love, is the pill itself. It's not really a "pearl" I kind of expecting some sort of shiny coating but it's small, round, easy to get down, and it doesn't get stuck in the throat so it really is awesome. 
After taking the probiotics for a few days, I already can tell a difference in how I feel. At night, when I get into bed usually I toss and turn for a while. I'll feel tired but I don't have the physical ability to stop thinking, stop moving and just rest. I'm on my fourth day of these and I'm more than ready to go crawl into bed and close my eyes even right now. I'm also waking up less groggy and not dragging in the mornings! Another thing, is I have felt more energy throughout the day, that is awesome. I work two jobs while sitting all day long so I have gained a lot of weight over the last few years. With this probiotic, I've wanted to get up and do exercises in between phone calls! I've also been eating less even when I feel really hungry I mean I could go all day long about these!

Let's be honest, a probiotic for any woman is a smart move especially as we get older. We just aren't "young, spring chickens" anymore so you'll want to have something to help keep you moving when your body wants to stop. Instead of dropping down chemicals, energy drinks, and random unnatural items into your body, take a probiotic! Well State really knows how to help you, and I think these are fantastic!

Out of Five Stars, I give Well State Image result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink starsImage result for pink stars!!!

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