Mommy Mondays - The Best Part of Christmas for a Mom:

When I was younger, Christmas was something I could not sleep about. On Christmas Eve, I'd listen to the music on the radio, glance out my window for Santa Claus, even sneak into the living room to stare at the Christmas cards on the front door before being shooed away by my Grandma (I was good though, I never once looked at the tree!). Once I had my daughter, I started to get just like that again. But the reason was completely different; it wasn't for me anymore it was ALL for her. The look she gets when she sees what Santa brings her, the way she sings the Christmas carols and gets excited about baking the cookies. It's all such a magical thing and I love it.

We usually end up taking Olivia around mid-November to see Santa Claus for a couple of reasons. One is, we in the past have had to miss Santa due to too many people in lines. But also because we love how he's more attentive to children earlier in the season than near Christmas. Then, usually, we decorate for Christmas shortly after that. We try so hard to make it until Thanksgiving but that never happens. Our home is decorated inside and out before then, and my husband does it just for me. He knows Christmas is my time of the year. It's my only time of the year actually! Olivia loves it too, she loves the decor, the songs, the food, everything. 

The one thing that is most important to us and is the same for any Mother and Father, is family. We make sure Olivia sees her family whether in person, on Skype, whatever it may be. We try to Skype her Grandma who is in San Antonio in every Christmas morning so she can watch Olivia unwrap presents and see her excitement. This year, I'll also be including her Grandparents that are in Plano. When I was a child they would drive out to Lancaster (an hour from Plano) just to see me open presents. I have a memory of coming out of my room and finding a 1 speed bicycle, and my parents were there. So this year since Santa is doing the same for Olivia, we wanted them to be a part of that as well. I love traditions, and I love making them.

Making a child smile is the best part of Christmas for sure, and I love getting to do that with my daughter. Are you into Christmas just to make the kids happy and smile? What is your favorite part of Christmas time?

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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