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My Dad -- "He's my Uncle and my Daddy!"

When I was two years old, my mother (may she rest in peace) made some pretty bad decisions regarding me. The worst one was choosing to take me out of my bed in the middle of the night through my bedroom window and take me across state. My Dad (Uncle), Mom (Aunt), and Grandma fought and got custody of me. Then, my Dad had to do something that now is a pretty funny story but then was pretty serious. He and a family friend who is like another Uncle to me committed interstate kidnapping to get me back to Texas. You see, the custody papers were only for Texas so they had some work to do. This decision and these actions were the best thing my family could have ever done for me. I have flash-memories of the time I was gone with my Mother and these memories I wish I could forget. When my mother was killed in 1993, the thought that just about everyone had including me was "What if they had left me with her? Would I have died with her?" 

I decided that today I wanted to write something a bit personal and talk about someone who has always had a very strong impact on my life, my Dad who is my Uncle. He has had to explain (at least once) why I say "He's my Uncle and my Daddy!" to people, because as a young child I didn't quite understand the problem with this statement. He and I have butted heads, yelled at each other, cried together, laughed together, and he truly is my Father. Any time I have an amazing thing happen in my life, after sharing with my husband and daughter I call my Dad. I tell him when things are good, bad, worrisome, frightening, hectic, and more. If I am having an anxiety attack I call my Dad. If I am afraid of something like pain or something, I call my Dad. He's really a wonderful man and I'm grateful to have him.

One thing I love to tell ANYONE about is how my Dad plays guitar. He's known as a "Mathemusician", not a mathematician. Some of my best memories as a child include sitting in a carpeted garage listening to his band practice, or seeing him perform live at pool parties. I've already told him when we get around his house I want him to pull out his guitar and play live for my daughter. I want her to have the same memories I do and the same, warm feeling when a guitar plays. I even have his guitar solo from the song "Know What You're Worth" as my ring tone. One time at a Walmart my phone rang, and as I hung up the phone someone came up to me and asked "Hey, is that Aerosmith as your ringtone?" Oh man I was beaming, and I told my Dad who felt just pure pride. 

I owe my Dad so much. From the roof over our head sometimes, to a working vehicle at times. But most of all, I owe him my life. I know this, he knows this, everyone knows this. He, my Mom (Aunt), my Grandma, and my Uncle Tad did all they could to ensure that I could live and I am now 31 years old, married and with a sweet daughter of my own. I have my own sets of milestones with her based on the life I've lived...and the day she turns 10 I know I will breathe more easily and I know that my Dad will help me with each of those steps. Without his help and guidance I would not be the woman I am today, nor would I be the Mother I am. 

I love you Daddy-O. 

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!