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Last month I was lucky enough to get to review a September box from Snakku. I found that most of the treats were wonderful but not a lot of sweet stuff in there. I'm a sweets girl, so when I was notified that I was being sent an October box I got REALLY excited. I mean so excited I leapt out of bed just to run and tell my husband a box was coming! I'm now lucky enough to be a monthly reviewer of the Snakku box, and I can't wait to share with you all every month what is in there so you get to try it too!

Once again, the box was wrapped in a very cute cover. I loved it, though it's not the same thick material you receive when you get your very first one. The colors are bright and vibrant and you immediately cannot wait to see what is inside the box. Each box once unwrapped looks the same with the same packaging and everything. I love how the box just slides out instead of being something you have to tear open as well. So this for me was a huge plus. Inside the box is paper packing, and this time I felt like Snakku really listened to my comments regarding the contents! So many sweet treats this time!

Inside the Snakku Box, were treats from Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. Hokkaido is also known to produce some of the best food in Japan, so getting to try this was a very big opportunity that I was grateful for! Inside the box were the following:

  1. Shiroi Koibito (Butter Cookies with white chocolate sandwiched between)
  2. Yakitoukibi (Locally grown rice and sweet corn crackers glazed with a light soy sauce)
  3. Kinotoya Milk Cookies
  4. Sapporo Curry Senbei (Curry rice crackers)
  5. Bourbon Lubera (Butter Cookie Cigar)
  6. Kinoko no Yama (Chocolate topped crispy mushroom cookies)
  7. Northern Sable Eggs (Grilled Cookies)
  8. Pota Pota Yaki (Rice Crackers with Soy Sauce Glaze)
  9. Puccho Cola Candy

My daughter is a huge fan of the Kinoko no Yama already. We find it whenever we can for her in stores so as soon as she saw the box she freaked and begged for them. They are cute little mushroom cookies with chocolate on the top and very good for a child's snack. But I think the biggest surprise for me was the Puccho Cola Candy. I did not know what to expect but when I opened the wrapper, I IMMEDIATELY smelled a cola scent. The candies are a bit chewy, and I loved every moment. The best part was after I finished it, there was a menthol to the candy I didn't realize! It hit my throat...and I swear it was as if I'd just drank an ice cold Coca-Cola! It lasted for several minutes as well and I adored it!  

Another thing we really loved were the Shiroi Koibito which was the white chocolate cookies. They were very flavorful and had just enough of the hint of white chocolate. They tasted a lot better than any white chocolate cookie I've had from the States that's for sure. The biggest surprise of the night though, had to go to: Yakitoukibi! Yes, the corn crackers! You "crack" open the bag, and you can just SMELL corn! Reminded me of a corn on the cob freshly steamed when I smelled it. At first bite, you really taste corn I mean there is no denying it is corn. In fact it was almost too powerful for me on the first couple of bites but then after a few more the flavor dissipated and became lighter and easier to handle! Want a great alternative to popcorn? Find some Yakitoukibi!

Once again, Snakku delivered and I have to admit I was so excited and satisfied by this box I contacted the owner by phone just to tell him. I will rave about this box for months to come and I cannot wait to tell you guys about the next one! We will have a giveaway next month of another Snakku box, so keep your eyes peeled!

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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