DiWINE Wine Aerator by KitchenPresent Review

I'm not a huge wine drinker unless it's fruity and Arbor Mist. I just can't handle the heaviness of wine tastes or the strength of the alcohol flavor behind it. I've tried different brands and nothing seems to work, but this product helped! The aerator poured it slowly, making it lighter in flavor it seemed. I really enjoyed the flavor of the wine afterwards, and was able to really savor the taste instead of going "Ugh now I need to finish this glass and not waste it." I am not a daily wine drinker so something like this for me personally won't really get a lot of use. But I know many people who enjoy a glass or two of wine a night and will find something like this really handy! So if you enjoy your wine, consider getting this product so you can have a better, lighter flavor!

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