Pure Choice Organics -- Lotion Bars Review

My husband was diagnosed in 2010 with Dyshidrosis. This is now more commonly known as an auto-immune disease where the body attacks the skin, believing it is some kind of virus or something that "shouldn't be there". My husband has to be careful of what he puts on his skin such as white soaps, latex, extremely hot water, etc. So this Summer when his elbows became so dry that they would catch material (no joke), I was wondering if we could find something that would help. Pure Choice Organics has some incredible products and the item we got to review was the lotion bar, and it was wonderful!

Each bar is completely organic and natural, and have beautiful scents that aren't overwhelming or harsh to the nose. I'm a huge sucker for anything with coconut but my husband tried the "Nothin Honey Lotion Bar" on his elbows. I must admit, I was very surprised at the reaction! The bar was smooth and soft, and easy to rub into the skin. It didn't soak in or anything, which I actually liked because the beeswax kept it on there, ensuring it would continue to keep his skin smooth.

Note: There is slight redness where his dry spots were, that is due to his condition that has nothing to do with the product!

As you can see in the pictures, on the left you can see just how dry his elbows had gotten. You can also see some bumps above his elbows that had appeared from the dryness of his skin. On the left, is after using the bar! No dry skin there, the bumps receded just a bit, and unlike other lotions or items that may burn those like him with sensitive skin conditions, this was just wonderful!

The best part is: These make fantastic stocking stuffers. Pure Choice Organics even has soaps shaped like Legos for your kids! Have a fun way to teach them to wash their hands often! I recommend these to anyone looking to have a better way naturally of keeping their skin smooth, especially if they suffer from skin conditions such as my husband!

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