10 Christmas Goodies in Stores right now!

If you're like me, when Christmas time rolls around you want to buy anything and everything that is red, green, silver, or gold. Whether it be food, drinks, decorations, and more. You also want to make any DIY snack on the internet for Christmas because you just like Christmas time and the air of it. But, with work, the blog, and my daughter tying up all my time I tend to only bake on Christmas Eve. So instead I find myself buying snacks and treats from the grocery stores that can be just as exciting. Here are ten items in stores right now completely worth unwrapping and placing on plates, drinking at parties, or just having a couple of "adult" times.

10. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes (Vanilla & Chocolate)
I am such a sucker for the Christmas cakes. If I can't find them in chocolate which is my favorite, I always go for the vanilla. I'm not sure why I like them so much, maybe it's because they're Christmas? Maybe it's because they're chocolate? Maybe it's due to the fact if I unwrap all five cakes, put them on a pretty plate and put them out at a party (and no one knows they're Little Debbie) people would think they were hand made! Totally worth the $2.00 at the store trust me.

9. Rice Krispies Treats Blasted Limited Edition (with red & green M&Ms)

I didn't used to be a fan of Rice Krispies Treats. Funny reason though, they aren't that great in just milk. You usually have to drown them in sugar to like them. Sure they "snap, krackle, and pop" and yeah Mitch Hedberg makes you laugh uncontrollably with his jokes about them but if I wanted a sugar rush for breakfast I'd just eat a doughnut. I saw these in stores and again my Christmas spirit took over so I got it. Oh man...I devoured them. Not all in one day mind you, but they were definitely helpful when my hypoglycemia moments kicked in. A bit on the expensive side if you don't find them on sale. The bars are kind of small-ish but again with the amount of sugar in them, you don't need huge ones.

8. Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Ale

Only recently did I start really getting a taste for beer. I used to grimace every time I smelled one and I'd choose a martini or anything fruity/sweet flavored. Not sure what changed, but now my husband and I have a beer at night just to wind down. This Blue Moon ale tastes fantastic, it's very smooth and not that bitter. I love how soft the flavor really is so you don't have that punch of "YOU'RE DRINKING A BEER!" on your tongue. Drink responsibly.

7. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Brownies

I'm laughing right now because Little Debbie will be on this list probably 3 or 4 more times. Why you ask? Well you tend to see that smiling little girl's face on all the pre-packaged snacks these days. I am a fan of brownies, I am a fan of Cosmic Brownies. I am NOT a fan of Cosmic Brownies smothered in a hardening frosting. Just the idea of it makes me desperate for a glass of milk. I'm sure someone really enjoys these though as they're in stores every single year. Again, five trees to a box and about $2.00 at Walmart.

6. Whitman's Sampler Assorted Chocolates

Just the packaging of this makes me heart sick. Growing up, my Grandmother began a tradition with me that stuck with me until she passed away in 2010. Every Christmas time, she'd buy a Whitman's Sampler. Every night, just like an advent calendar she and I would eat a chocolate from the two tiered box together before brushing my teeth and going to bed. The year she passed away, I bought a box of these and ate one. My husband finished off the rest of the box I couldn't make it after the first one I wept hard. Even now I will ask him to check the price of one (Usually runs around $5.99) but I never buy it anymore. The chocolates though are amazing. They have chocolate covered cherries, coconut, almonds, toffee (my favorite), and in the center of each level is a chocolate messenger boy. I love the map they have under the lid of the box too telling you which is which. A must have if you love having plates of chocolates out for people!

5. Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics (Mint, Raspberry, Supreme, and French Vanilla)

I am a sucker for a good cup of hot cocoa. You want the very best (Starbucks Peppermint Hot Cocoa anyone?) but sometimes money is tight and you can't afford that $4.00 cup of cocoa. So instead, you go to the store and for under $1.00 you can find a pouch like this! I love these cocoas. The raspberry is my absolute favorite. Get one of these, mix it with milk, add some Cool Whip on top and maybe some chocolate flakes and you are in heaven! Who needs that expensive cocoa when you can get something inexpensive and make it taste even better?

4. Little Debbie Christmas Wreath Cookies

Side note to all Black Dagger Brotherhood fans: We're lucky I check everything before posting, or these would've been called Christmas "Wrath" cookies. 

See? What did I tell you about Little Debbie? They just corner the market on great cookies and snacks! These great little spiced cookies are divine (a little dry but what else is new?) with the frosting and sprinkles on them. You get 8 cookies to a box instead of 5, and they aren't crunchy actually. They are pretty soft and chewy even though they will stick to your mouth. Again, you want a big glass of milk for this. Also, again, about $2.00 a box.

3. Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snap Cookies

When I eat a Gingerbread cookie, I want that "Snap" in my mouth. I want the bite, the peppery taste, the warmth and the flavor of ginger. Many products out there today during Christmas that say they're made with real ginger don't taste like it. Ever seen someone use one of those citrus zesters? Yeah I feel like that's all they're doing with the ginger is grating some flakes and going "Okay we're good!". These are awesome, they're full of ginger and they taste fantastic. Some are crispy, some of chewy, and they take about 2 bites to eat one. Best part is, ginger is good for you! It helps with stomach issues, and more so I'd say always have a container of these in your house. Goes for around $4 at Trader Joe's.

2. Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale

Okay, beer is becoming more and more awesome the more I drink it. This is my husband's favorite flavor of all time I think. He already loves horchata so mix it with a beer and he's putty in your hands. Blue Moon puts out some really great flavors for Christmas and this is one you can't miss. It really has the cinnamon, creamy flavor of horchata with that slight bitter taste of beer. A six pack is around $8.00-$9.00, but really worth it if you like specialty, seasonal beer. Drink Responsibly.

and the number one best goody out in stores right now, that is a TOTAL must have for your home now at Christmas time...

1. Andes Brand Cherry Jubilee Mints

Yes, these exist. Yes, they taste like the chocolate covered cherry without the mess. (I'll give you a moment to stop drooling...okay there). These are FANTASTIC flavored, and have replaced my yearly chocolate covered cherry purchase. I believe they were around $3.00 for a pack, and once you start eating them they're like chips, you can't eat just one! You eat one, then two, then three, then your child is staring at you going "Mommy, I want one too!" You have to get these. Eating these with regular Andes mints is just...heaven. Sheer heaven!

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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