2 Mean Girls Boutique Earring Sets Review

If you're like me, you only wear earrings on really special occasions such as holidays or having to dress up. But 2 Mean Girls Boutique has such an awesome array of jewelry and earrings that I've decided I may need to start wearing jewelry and earrings a lot more often! I'm reviewing two pairs of earrings: A pair of Witch's hats, and a pair of Ugly Sweaters!

First thing, is I loved the packaging. This was seriously some great thought that matched the "Mean Girls" movie. Then the earrings themselves surprised me! I spent a short time in the past making earrings for a company and I know how it works when you're doing it yourself. It's very difficult to make not only two earrings look identical in the hooks, but the same length, getting them closed, etc. These are professionally made earrings that should be sold in stores!

The Ugly Sweater earrings are my favorite. They're colorful, they're bright, and large enough people can read the font without having to get up close and personal with your neck. They have a bit of weight to them so if you're like me where earrings like to slide forward once within the lobe you'll want to put a couple of clasps on the back. But other than that, they are fantastically made! I love my earrings, I wore them to pick up my daughter from pre-school and she was telling everyone how "pretty her Mommy's earrings" were. It was really nice and they're nice enough you don't have to wear any other jewelry.

The other earrings are a cute pair of witch's hats. I think they're cute but I will say from another position you'd think they were little hershey kisses. Just as cute, but if you wear them on Halloween you may get asked about the kisses, not the hats. They're smaller than the sweaters so more subtle to the eye, and lighter in weight. Again, very well made all of the hooks and rings are closed tight, even, and match identically to the other earring.

If you are looking for jewelry for Christmas gifts, or for yourself you should definitely check out 2 Mean Girls Boutique! They are making quality jewelry that you may not find in stores and at very reasonable prices!

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