Diane Gremmel -- Psychic Review:


From a young age, I have been taken to psychic fairs and things of that nature due to the events that occurred when I was a child. In the last five years or so, I have had a hard time truly letting go of my Mother's death and even had to realize something: I was holding onto a small glimmer of hope that the shocking and truly brutal death of my Mother was not real. That she was alive, and there had been some kind of mistake and at the age of nine I had just been a part of some incredible ruse that my family also had to go through. This may sound childish but sometimes that wish of wanting someone to come to your front door and knock never goes away and you need verification. I reached out to Diane to find out if she could help me get that closure and she most definitely helped.

Without going into detail (because a lot of it was very personal and private that was discussed) I will say that I found Diane to be professional, calming, and very honest. My mother's passing, the events that occurred surrounding her death and more cannot be researched online or in a newspaper. This was one of the reasons I always had this hope that it was not real because you cannot find anything. The only thing I found in writing was two small blips the local newspaper had written and that took a long time of research by the newspaper to find. Diane knew things that no one would know, no one but my family and sometimes only me. There were connections to my Dad (Uncle) that she wouldn't have known about. Calling my Uncle "Dad" would confuse anyone if they didn't know the situation and yet she knew.

Did I get my closure? Absolutely. Do I truly 100% believe in mediums? No, I don't. That is in no fault of Diane's. There will always be a skeptic whispering in my ear and a small part of me truly wondering if they just somehow have some kind of spy software that helps research people. But what I can say of Diane is this: She is not a fake. She is not a scam artist. She does not pretend to know things she doesn't. I truly enjoyed listening to her and having a few fleeting moments to talk to someone who "connected" with my Mother, Grandmother, and even a friend of mine's Mother who wanted in on the conversation. Whether it was completely real or not is not the point I feel of Diane. The point truly was, she gave me the closure I had needed for 21 going on 22 years. Will I always hope my Mother is alive and well somewhere? Oh of course I will. But does it hurt as deeply as it did? No, it doesn't. Diane did just what I had wanted and I am truly grateful for the time she took with me. 

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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