Enchanted Fairies Experience Review

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Every parent believes that their little girl is a Princess, and their little boy a Prince. Enchanted Fairies gives you the opportunity to get to see your child in such a beautiful light with magic and wonder mixed in. The opportunity to do a review for Enchanted Fairies was a dream come true for me, and after braving traffic for over an hour I was able to finally get us there!

Standing inside Enchanted Fairies, Willow Bend Mall, Plano, Texas
Coming into Enchanted Fairies you felt you were stepping into a whole new world. It is so beautifully decorated with beautiful images of their past models. The large fireplace was gorgeous, and they have crystal beading on so much that is accented by soft light. When you first walk in, you walk in deep and keep going and it could be a little confusing at first. But then you get to the desk and the ladies there are also very wonderful. I tried to get us there 30 minutes before the photo shoot as my daughter was to get her hair and make up done but unfortunately Plano does not understand appointments when it comes to rush hour traffic. We arrived five minutes before, and they wanted to get her in there. They had Olivia pick out her colors for her outfit, and had me sign her in using a computer. After signing her in, we were told we could wait in the Theater room which was playing "The Lego Movie".

The screen was big, and loud. They had extremely comfortable leather seats to relax in but of course I couldn't relax. I was so excited so I had Olivia sit in there while I walked around taking more pictures and just taking in the place. After only a couple of minutes they took her back and I loved how they addressed her and not me. She followed along all excited! I made sure to get a picture of the beautiful flower arrangement they had at the front, and at the end of this you'll see the side-by-side I took of Olivia before and after her shoot!

Beautiful inside Enchanted Fairies, Plano, Texas.
Going into the back, there were several large dressing rooms. The floors had really adorable "grass" carpet, and they give the kids a cute robe to wear. I laced up my daughter's corset (to which I also explained to her Mommy was jealous of her wearing a corset!)  One thing I adored about the dressing room was they had cute plants and great "selfie" props in there as well. My daughter loved the carpet and kept pointing out to me all the little details. They also made sure you knew your items were safe in the dressing room. If you felt uncomfortable leaving you purse and items in there, they'd lock it and unlock it for you later! Once my daughter had her corset on and her robe, it was time for her to be pampered like the princess she is!

Inside the salon area which was the "Glimmer" room, it was fun and magical. The decor was absolutely perfect with beaded strings above your head, a chaise for the parents to sit on (though I never got the chance), and a big screen TV that played "Finding Nemo" (or as my daughter calls it, "Me-mo"). I was told they were going to curl up Olivia's hair (per her request) and then do her make up. At first, everything was awesome. She was being pampered and even was given cute glittery nail polish on her fingers and toes. Unfortunately, she mistook her hair being warm from the curling iron for being burned on her ear and the mini-meltdown sadly began. But, the ladies of Enchanted Fairies handled this so brilliantly! Estefany offered her water, Carrie showed her on her Mommy's hair a curl (and it took all I had not to wish outloud that they did all of my hair!) but nothing seemed to change the tune of "I want to go now". After finishing her hair, we took a break to get her into the rest of her outfit and I spent about 10 minutes trying to calm her down and explain to her she wasn't burned her hair was just warm. I also realized...I need to get her out more, haha.

Estefany glittering up Olivia's nails at Enchanted Fairies "Glimmer" Salon, Willow Bend Mall, Plano, Texas

Carrie putting on Olivia's make up at Enchanted Fairies "Glimmer" Salon, Willow Bend Mall, Plano, Texas.

I must say this: The All Access Day Pass to the Glimmer Salon is $42, and is completely worth it. If you bring your child to Enchanted Fairies I suggest adding this to your day as they are incredible. After my daughter stopped fearing the curling iron she calmed down and let them do her make up. She really had a wonderful time after that getting herself all dolled up. They also made sure to touch up her nail polish as it rubbed off a bit, and her toes looked so bright and glittery! I kept thanking the ladies for being so patient and understanding while my daughter got over her meltdown they were calmer than I was over it! I was wishing my daughter had allowed the lighter blue flower crown but no she wanted the dark one. But it's alright, she still came out so beautiful!

No photographs or phones are allowed in the photo-taking room. In fact, you must step out of the room if you must take a phone call or text.

From there, we went into the photo taking room and they had everything set up for her. After putting on her wings, the photographer got Olivia set up and I really was nervous-excited. When I ask Olivia to smile for pictures, she leers. She overly-smiles and I wasn't sure if she would just "smile" for the photographer. Oh did Carrie know what she was doing! My daughter was smiling, laughing, giggling, blowing at things, saying "Boo!" and more. I was really surprised at how well it went! The photographer used multiple props for Olivia and by the end I really had no idea how they would pick the best ones out of the shoot! She showed me two pictures and I really was just amazed. Near the end of the shoot the photographer added a little "wind", and I was giggling. It was making Olivia feel cold and she was trying so hard to smile but her shoulders kept coming up because she wanted to shiver. Oh the pains of being such a beautiful little model!
On the "Red Carpet" at Enchanted Fairies, Plano, Texas

Coming back out, we were able to go to their "Red Carpet" area to take some more pictures using props against a back drop. I made sure to get one of her smiling, and then she picked up what she called a "Dragon's Egg". It was great but I felt really bad as it was clear that they had ran over the time we were supposed to be there and another appointment had come in. I didn't wait to take up any more of the ladies time but first, I had to get the other shot next to the beautiful flowers at the front. It was such a beautiful shot too!

Going back into the dressing room, everything was put back on the hangers and Olivia said she didn't want to take off her dress. Of course not, she looked so adorable and she loved it! She also wouldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror at her curls (which have lasted into day two yay!). Normally, a second appointment would be made for you to come in, view the finished images with the detailing and "magic" placed into them so you can choose your favorites. It then takes about six weeks for you to receive the finished product. But seeing as we live so far away, we trust Christopher and the photographer to choose the best ones for us! As soon as we receive the finished ones we will post them up for everyone to see. I cannot wait to see my daughter possibly in the pose where she looked like she was sleeping on her hands, or pointing off to the side. I loved when she laughed facing the camera, or looked at treasures. 

Enchanted Fairies is truly that, Enchanted. Best part, they help Kidd's Kids! Every year, for $25 you can get your child a photo shoot, and you can get 1 8x10 from the shoot. This does not include the Glimmer Salon pass but as I said unless you have someone who really wants to do the hair and make up for you. It is worth the extra $42 believe me. I know Olivia would not have let me do what they did, in fact she always chews off fingernail polish I put on her. I can say that as of now, her fingers are still glittery! The $25 is then donated to Kidd's Kids and helps special needs children so this is a fantastic opportunity. Even after that, it gets better! Your friends, relatives, and child's fans can vote to get your child in the calendar that also benefits the charity! Could you imagine that? Seeing your child in a calendar that so many could buy? It's definitely worth it, so make sure to make your appointment soon with Enchanted Fairies!

Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


  1. She looks like a real princess and a real star on the red carpet! That was an incredibly sweet thing you did for you daughter.

  2. I love when salons/beauty spas cater to children by making them feel like princesses and princes without the over the top makeup and overdoing it with the costumes. But I love the review of this establishment because they glittered her up, but kept her looking for a little human being. I love it!

  3. How cool! Looks like an amazing experience fit for a princess :)

  4. Wow, what an experience for a little girl. Being pampered and turned into a princess sounds like a fantastic experience.

  5. Aww! Looks like she had such a fun time! She is adorable!


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