All Reviews "Superstar Dad" shirt by Dibsies Review is a leading website of items for sale through multiple suppliers and businesses. With the holidays beginning to fill the months (and with Father's Day on Sunday!) I knew just what I wanted to review! I want to point out that most companies make you feel guilty about not having multiple kids when it comes to purchasing an item for someone. If you have one child, then your "Daddy", "Mommy", "Grandpa", "Nana" items just seem bare don't they? You sit there wondering if you should pop out another two or three kids just to be able to fill the shirt! Well Dibsies changed that with this shirt for my husband.

So the first thing I will say is the shirt is heavy. Not heavy in terms of thick material but a quality material which is fantastic. The color is definitely maroon, many places will try to pass off a "dark red" for maroon but this was right. Sadly, I'm kind of disappointed in the sizing options. This is the XL on my husband and this means I will be doing "shirt stretching exercises" for him. I can't say that is the fault of Dibsies when reality is nowadays clothing manufacturers make smaller sized clothing but put the "XL" label on it. This is to entice you to buy the bigger size that costs more. But Dibsies did not offer a 2X so I would say if you want to order the shirts, they run a little small.

The phrase "Superstar Dad" is completely customizable. I chose that one as my husband makes music, draws, and really is a Superstar. You also choose the number of children, and then put the names on there. I would've loved to have changed the child name's font from Comic Sans MS (yes, we all know that's the font!) to another one, and I think it's mostly because without the multiple names, it just looks like a lot of font changes on one shirt. You have the one for "Superstar Dad" and the "1" and then the name below. But these are just personal opinions to be honest the shirt is a FANTASTIC quality. It looks wonderful and hubby plans to wear it on Father's Day.

One thing about is I would say it's like Zulily. There are times you can shop on discounted prices and times when you cannot buy something. As of now, these shirts are no longer for sale but I would keep your eyes peeled for more availability! They carry everything for men, women, and children. They also carry toys, accessories, home decor, you really should take a look!

These Personalized shirts normally go for 29.95 and at the time of purchase it was discounted to $12.95. That kind of savings is all over the website on multiple items so make sure to go now! Shipping times are also very good, and the shipping costs are pretty economical. I'd look in there for months ahead, Christmas shopping, home decorating for holidays and more!

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