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When I was 17, and graduating high school, I was a size 9 and around 119 pounds. I also was a full-time dancer (ballet, tap, jazz etc) going to classes four times a week for almost two hours a day. In one recital I had five dances, and I remember literally running to the back where my Mom would have my next costume and I'd have my tights layered on so I could just strip out of one pair and already be wearing the other. I gave up dance for a year starting in college and WHAM...the weight just piled on. I also was diagnosed with a severe case of plantar fasciitis in both legs, arthritis, and by age 23 my career was over. I wept the day I had to let it go because dancing to me was like breathing.

Come to the year 2016 and I just turned 32 years old on July 13th. I am...(this is embarrassing to admit) as of today 223 pounds, and wearing a size 22/24. No, I am NOT proud of this in the slightest. What sucks is after I had my daughter in 2011 my metabolism decided it wanted to be the tortoise in the race instead of the rabbit so even if I eat extremely healthy, exercise daily, drink a lot of water the weight just likes to fluctuate. You can imagine how hard it is to find proper fitting clothing when you're this waist size and also only 5'1". 4 Little Piggies Boutique is an excellent source of attire for women of ALL sizes. With quality clothing in beautiful, vibrant colors and at fantastic prices you know you'll end up buying an whole new wardrobe in a matter of weeks. An admin, Cathi Altman was kind enough to send me a package of clothing to wear. The clothing was styled based on what she'd seen of me online, and I have to admit she did an amazing job!

So, it's very hard for me to show myself like this because to put myself out there does open the doors for criticism which I can't take. But, I'm doing it because the clothing is absolutely incredible. This top is extremely light weight, and flows down with kind of a "scarf" style at the bottom. Before this, I had never worn leggings. When it came time to change I did not want to take them off! Serious kudos to Cathi she has me addicted to wanting more leggings! You'll never catch me wearing them with a short top but they are so soft and fantastic! I love the design too, I think they come together so beautifully. Being 5'1", these leggings happen to come just above my ankle as well, and not down to the foot! 

My daughter calls this my "Minecraft" shirt, haha. This top is another lightweight and comfortable tank shirt that has a collar on the back of the neck. It's loose along the legs, and now I'm wondering if the leggings would look good with this, or would it be too much pattern? I'm also realizing my feet look a LOT like my Grandmother's but I'm getting off track here. The shirt fit really fantastic I was very surprised at just how well these shirts formed to me with a slight tightness without making me feel like I was "bulging" in the wrong places. The quality was amazing too, these will last a VERY long time.

I don't know why I look like I'm asleep in this, pardon the eyes. But this is my FAVORITE shirt. I wear this one so often and I love how it fits. Whether with shorts or jeans I love it. I feel sexy in it, the only negative is that well, as women we are not even on top. We'll always walk around with let's say...a cantaloupe and a grapefruit. Or a softball and a tennis ball. (Alright boys stop snickering!). Due to this the top tends to slide over on my left on my chest and reveal a bit too much but a tiny bit of sewing and I can fix that. That's no fault of the clothing that's just me and my melons. Obviously you can see the beauty of the design and the smoothness of the hemming. 

THIS top, was my biggest "Hmmm..." Design is BEAUTIFUL! I love the front, I love the gorgeous floral print and the flow of the shirt. From the back? Well, my husband said it best I have a "superhero" cape. This is a perfect example of your weight being your biggest clothing enemy. This is a large size I will admit it and I couldn't be any smaller size. The shirt obviously has more material because it's a bigger size and I am sure if I was taller this wouldn't be so billow-y. But, it's a lot of material in the back and when I walk around outside in the wind I'm clutching everything. I had a debate with Cathi on this shirt at first and then I braved the public. Sure enough I had a lady stop me in the frozen food aisle of Walmart just to tell me how beautiful the top was so this DEFINITELY was my keeper! I have to say this is my second favorite top.

This top would be my absolute favorite but sadly, even though it does fit in the waist and chest, it's too tight in the arms. I had to have help taking it off so I can't wear it right now. But I am using it to keep an eye on my weight loss and will post an update once I get into it. Pokemon Go is doing wonders for our daily exercise so I'm sure soon i'll be in it.

For fantastic quality clothing at amazing prices, 4 Little Piggies Boutique is four (ha) you. They will almost weekly post up in their group upcoming items and get opinions on it. Another awesome thing is the owners of the group will take REAL photos of them wearing the clothing and they will model it instead of using stock images. I love that, it lets you see real women wearing real clothing. Hurry to them today!

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Elizabeth is a work at home Mother of a sweet and beautiful daughter. She is a wife of seven years and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug" she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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