Kidz Gear Bluetooth™ Wireless Stereo Headphones for Children Review & Giveaway!

My daughter loves using her (used to be ours) Google Nexus daily. She will watch Netflix, play games especially ABC Mouse. But I work from home and sometimes when she is watching something she has to turn the volume up. The phrase "Baby, turn that down please." has become a daily statement and I feel awful having to say that, but when I'm on the phone listening to the Pokemon television show in the background does not make for a professional phone call. Kidz Gear makes quality headphones specifically for children that not only make it easier for her to listen to her shows, but it helps the parent hear quiet! HOORAY! 

These head phones are small, with thicker plastic than most and the ear pieces are a fantastic quality. They feel as great as a pair of adult headphones you'd spend upwards of $50 or more on. No, they are not Mickey Mouse themed that is my little girl's shirt though I had a few people think that! After a quick charge (They only take a couple of hours) we were ready to give them a try and she LOVES them! When she has to go "Potty", she doesn't pause her shows she just walks into the bathroom and listens to her show. When I ask her to do something she just walks around while her Nexus stays put and she loves that. The best part is now, she doesn't have to keep the Nexus so close to her eyes to enjoy the show because she needs to hear.

Now, she can set up her picnics with her buddies, and eat while keeping the Nexus far from her eyes. That was always my biggest fear that she would hurt her eyes having to be so close to the screen. This way it sits far and she can relax and eat. The headphones do have some volume to them, but they aren't deafening nor cause any harm to the eardrum. 

The only negative I have is that they drain the Nexus' battery QUICKLY! If she uses them for a couple of hours, the Nexus is dead. Normally it'll last 5-6 straight hours if she wants to play games and such or forgets to turn it off. BUT, I do believe that is a problem on Google's end with their product's battery life handling blue tooth devices and not Kidz Gear. It just makes for more disappointment moments when she can't use them longer, haha.

These headphones currently sell for $49.99 with free shipping and a free carry bag. The bag is fantastic and lined and impressed my husband. You can get the headphones in multiple colors and would make for a fantastic Christmas or birthday present, so get yours today!

To enter to win a pair of Kidz Gear Bluetooth™ Wireless Stereo Headphones , just go below and enter, that simple! The winners will be announced on 09/01/16 on The Review Ballerina on Facebook  as well as the Giveaway Winner Page so make sure to have that page liked and keep an eye out! Winner will have until September 15th from announcement to claim their prize otherwise another winner will be picked! Good luck everyone!!

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