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Hard Candy Cosmetics Review:

To feel beautiful is one of the most exciting feelings in the world for a woman. After spending many years wearing makeup I went a long time not wearing any because I would always end up breaking out on my skin. Mascaras would irritate my eyes, and I found it difficult to feel pretty when I had to heavily cake up anything including eye shadow to properly get that "look" everyone else seemed to flawlessly find. Hard Candy creates cosmetics and more that help achieve a perfect look for a girl without the heavy application. I was lucky enough to get to review several of their products!

The first product that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it was the "Top Ten EyeShadows" with a beautiful lace cover called "Naturally Gorgeous". The moment I saw the lace, I got all excited because it not only was several gorgeous, neutral shades of eyeshadow but the lace made it feel even more "girly". Sadly, my pictures did not come out of me wearing the eyeshadow, but I put it on and I found that it took less applications to apply Hard Candy's makeup compared to other companies. Usually, I'm caking it to the applicator, blowing, rubbing, and repeat. 

Then there was the Long Wear Eye Shadow Primer "Eyes the Limit" and I attempted to put this on, but this isn't something I've ever used before. I'm not even sure I did it right, lol. That tells you just how little I know about make up at the age of 32. I did put it on, and again I am sorry that the pictures did not come out right (I will be updating this when I can with proper images of me wearing the items). The primer did bring out a shine and the eyeshadow smoothly went on, compared to catching in creases and not blending well. I had never even heard of eye shadow primer prior to this, and now it'll be a staple in my make up box!

Hey look, I have eyes! Haha, no really I got to use the Lash Ink Mascara and can I just say, this stuff is great! Normally, I use a mascara that instantly puts clumps into my lashes. I'll use a comb and comb it all out before applying a second amount. This mascara was amazing, I only needed one application, it lengthened my lashes as you can see and darkened them! I don't like wearing eyeliner I can never apply it properly, and I usually end up getting "teary eyed" with it. This mascara gave me an eyeliner look on the top lid so it was great! My only regret is I didn't use the comb in this picture, my lashes don't look as full as they do in the natural shot because they were still together. But you can see the length increase! Best of all, it didn't come off in water! I went swimming same day, kept the same beautiful eyelash length!

The next two were nail polishes and I adored both. My daughter is four, and I don't like her wearing dark nail polishes as they tend to be too bright against her skin. My daughter is wearing the "Oh So Pretty" color that came with a cute little white ring on her toes, while on the left I was wearing the "King of Pop" Pop Art nail polish. I have a problem with nail polishes on four year olds, the majority of them flake off almost instantly. Her hands are so warm even after I think the polish is dry, she can literally just watch the nail polish come right off. I'm guessing it's sweat coming through the nail. This brand does NOT come off, in fact the Oh so Pretty is STILL on her nails after several weeks! The pink is subtle but still stands out, and we add a layer of glitter nail polish to it just for added effect. The "King of Pop" always makes me grin because of Michael Jackson, and I love the style of it. The small dots in the polish are multiple sizes and colors, so no nail will look the same. Again, I added in a top layer of glitter polish to make it sparkle but really it's not necessary. 

"Ever see a pair of lips?" Well mine actually match the "All Glossed Up" Hydrating Stain Lip Gloss in Tickled Pink. I'm not sure you can tell in the pictures, the one on the left did not have any of the gloss on. The one on the right does and it made my lips look fuller, smoother, and had a natural pink to it but had a shine. The awesome part was I didn't have to continue re-applying all the time. It lasted several hours and kept my lips feeling smooth compared to the dryness that comes with daily eating and drinking while working on a phone. I love this stuff I'm wearing it daily now.

All the products that you see above can be bought at Walmart (the links to each product are there) and you can find different colors, styles and more. One more thing I love about Hard Candy cosmetics is they definitely have a quality to them, but you can buy them at Walmart for a lower price than other cosmetics and they work better. Make sure to check them out today!

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