Crazy Cups: Review & Flavor of the Month - Blackberry Meringue:

It's that time of the month again! The time for me to tell you all about the newest flavor sent out by Crazy Cups! This month's flavor was Blackberry Meringue, and yes for once I wasn't completely 100% excited because...well...fruit and coffee! Shall we see if I enjoyed it again as I've enjoyed the prior flavors? Let's begin!

Blackberry Meringue, that sounds like an amazing pie that I would love to try someday, minus the blackberry seeds of course. The smell that this coffee lets off when brewing is incredible. Smells very sweet, strong, like a sweet fruit that is brewed with the coffee smell. So you get this incredible fruit-coffee aroma filling the house that makes you wonder just what someone could be baking. Again, a dark looking roast in the cup but I mostly use black coffee mugs, so no point in showing you. I could put iced tea in the cup and you'd never be able to tell, haha.

I added in just a little of my sweet creamer instead half in half or heavy cream and a little sugar like always and dove in. The smell was divine but the taste it was amazing! Very sweet, slight bitterness like a blackberry that is ripe and the coffee flavor blends so well. I have never had a coffee with a fruit flavor, and this has turned me into a coffee fanatic! Now I want to try all different kinds. Can you imagine a chocolate cherry coffee? Or an orange spice coffee? Yes, perhaps I can find that myself someday!

I have found that I don't want any other brand of coffee but Crazy Cups since I started being able to review these. I look forward to every month where I can try a new flavor and show all of you how amazing it really is. The flavors really are so great compared to in-store brands. I have a huge box of Maxwell House that is just sitting in my cabinet that I'll probably never use again because Crazy Cups is so delicious.

You can get 22 Cups for $15.90 on their website (the link is here) and don't forget, if you share this post on any social media page and use the hashtag #operationcoffee, Crazy Cups will donate single serve coffee cups to our military! You know they need them! I'm off to have yet another cup of coffee!

Coffee Type: Medium Roast
Size: Regular K-Cup size, slightly heavier in weight.
Price: $15.90 for 22 Cups with shipping estimated at checkout.

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