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SoulKix was founded by a gentleman who at age 19 was homeless and needed some financial stability. He found that his creative talents on slip-on shoes was more than just a passing thing, and now in 2016 we find that SoulKix has become one of the most creative and incredible shoe companies you could meet today. I will be reviewing a pair of men's adult shoes from their collection, and a pair of children's shoes that are custom!

My daughter is a "retro" child in the sense that at almost age 5, she is in love with Mario, Pac-Man, Mr. Bean, and more. When SoulKix offered me a chance to review a custom pair of shoes I wasn't sure just how "custom" they could go. So, to really test out their level of quality I sent them an image of Super Mario Bros. the classic NES game. Coming home from soccer last Saturday, I think I almost hit the mailbox with my car when my husband who had gone to the front door held up the box showing me what had come. After running inside, these are the shoes we found! 

My daughter is the only child in the world right now to have these shoes (unless somehow some random person happened to find this image and send it in as well, haha). The shoes are amazing, they fit well, are very comfortable though they are a size too big to ensure she can grow into them and wear them for a long time. But the quality of the image printed on, look! I couldn't believe it, it looks so fantastic! The ONLY thing I would point out that you can't see (and I made sure to do it this way) is on the side, you can see some white where the image didn't quite make it all the way along the shoe. BUT, as you can tell, unless the person wearing the shoe shows you the side, you won't be able to notice. So if you get a pair of these and see that I really wouldn't sweat it. My daughter is so upset she can't wear these yet as she's in what I call a "9.25" and what came was a 10, but next year I have a feeling she'll wear these shoes to death.

When my husband was homeless, he was around 17 to 18. He had to sleep under stairwells, and do what was necessary to survive. Unfortunately, his luck didn't go the way of the SoulKix owner and it's something we live with every day. So for me the connection between the owner of this company and my husband I think has me in love with the shoes even more because it shows that you can be down to the worst with your life, and still come back up on top. When I showed my husband the collection on the website he HAD to get some kind of Halloween style. Again, the shoes fit amazingly, and now they are the only shoes he will wear. He has a pair of tennishoes he loves but nope, he loves how people react to seeing the bone-toes coming out of his pants. These shoes go for $59, and can be found here along with several other pairs of Halloween Kix. The fact that these shoes don't stretch and become difficult to keep on your feet is one thing I really love. Many slip on shoes as you wear them will stretch whether it be the elastic at the top of the foot, or the material at the heel. Also if you constantly sweat in them, there's no staining of the material which is great too!

It's almost like if Jack Skellington had an X-ray isn't it? You know you want a pair of these, or a custom pair for your children for Christmas, so hurry over to SoulKix and get your orders in now! Tell them The Review Ballerina sent you!

To enter to win your own pair of #Soulkix , just go below and enter, that simple! The winner will be announced on 11/16/16 on The Review Ballerina on Facebook  as well as the Giveaway Winner Page so make sure to have that page liked and keep an eye out! Winner will have until 11/30/16 from announcement to claim their prize otherwise another winner will be picked! Good luck everyone!!

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Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


  1. I would absolutely go old skool and want a pair of custom made shoes! My son is REALLY into custom shoes so this would be a perfect christmas present

  2. The sports theme would be great for my toodler.

  3. Very inspiring story and nice shoes. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  4. These shoes remind me of when Zazzle had Keds available. I was heartbroken that I never got a pair. I WANT THESE! Thanks for telling us about them.

  5. I won't lie to you right now, I have never been so envious of a five year olds shoes.....I would probably do a custom pair! It is so hard to find Anaheim Ducks anything, my husband would flip if our son had custom ducks shoes.

  6. This would be so awesome! Thanks for the chance!!

  7. I'd love the Trineapple express shoes!

  8. I would love a pair of these for my son!! He would flip!!!


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