John Wm. Macy's Family Bakery: Cheesesticks & Crisps Review:

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My household loves to have snacks, both sweet and savory. My husband tends to snack a bit late at night due to his insomnia and there are times where you really just get tired of Lay's (You know that slogan "Bet you can't eat just one"? Yeah, we've proven we should bet on that). John Wm. Macy's Family Bakery makes some amazing snacks that are not only delicious but can satisfy any snack craving you may have, and here you can see for yourself!

We received several different boxes with different flavors of both sticks and crisps, and as I was pulling them out of the box they came in my daughter's eyes lit up. "Chocolate!" she just couldn't wait to try the Dutch Chocolate SweetSticks, but I Really wanted to try the Sesame Gruyere CheeseCrisps. 

Each box has a package inside that is freshly sealed, and then there is a small plastic pull out tray for each as well. I love this, I really love the thought behind this, it makes it really easy to enjoy the snack without fear of ripping the bag open and everything going flying. Just like all other families with five year olds you tend to hold your breath when you hear "I can do it myself!" and you see those small hands grip the chip bag tight and yank. You just hope the edges of the seal hold! This makes it much easier, and I can even hand her the crisps inside the tray to munch on instead of in her hand. The CheeseCrisps that were Sesame Gruyere are delicious, and so are the Asiago Cheddar! Each crisp has a distinct different flavor, unlike many chip companies where you eat a chip and wonder if they just bag the same flavor over and over in a different color.

Another thing I love, it says "Sesame" but there are no sesame seeds. I am not a fan of crunching on seeds, I really cannot stand it. Only time I can get away with that is sunflower seeds or the bun of a Big Mac. These are just crispy, with the flavor and you can definitely taste the sourdough.

When it comes to the sticks, both cheese and sweet, sadly they are just a bit too crunchy and my daughter didn't want to bite so hard. They reminded me of the intensity of a biscotti when biting into them which most people enjoy. In fact, i'm sure if you find a good warm drink that goes with these you can dip them! Especially the SweetSticks oh man, get yourself a good peppermint hot cocoa from Starbucks and have some sweet chocolate sticks at home instead of their biscotti's! Save you $4.00 and tastes even better!

Compared to the snacks most children are given including my daughter, these are healthier with lower fat and sodium content. So I'd definitely suggest these as a snack for your kiddos as well as for adults! With the holidays coming up, you will want to find snacks and treats for your parties so pick some of these up today! You can find them at World Market in your area, and sometimes at Costco! Just use the map here!

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