Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Orange Zest and Black to Black Review:

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As a woman, I love painting my nails. I try to do it very often at home as I can't afford to get manicures these days. Of course, I'd love to learn a proper manicure as my nails are doing that angling thing on top haha. But, when you get a fantastic set of nail polishes from Sally Hansen you have to try to go all out for Halloween, and that's what I did with the Insta-Dri Orange Zest and Back to Black colors.

I love the vibrancy of these colors, they stood out so well and everyone loved the way I painted my nails. The brushes are wider, and flatter, which can make for less strokes BUT, if you're like me and you have small fingers or your daughter wants her fingernails painted, these may actually cause a problem. Reason being, the flat, wide brushes tend to paint your fingers not just your nails, I always do two coats before the top coat, and I didn't have to which was great, but my daughter's fingers looked totally painted not just her nails. She has five year old fingers, itty bitty things. Haha. So pardon my bad painting, but I will say it was VERY fast drying, and they lasted SEVERAL days. Sadly, I had to do a ton of cleaning before the last weekend of the month, and with all the chemicals I was using plus showering, laundry, etc the nails just didn't hold up.

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The black was beautiful, but I wanted to do something extra so I decided to add our glitter paint to it. It brought out more of a sparkle which reminded me of like a "Galaxy" or "Starry" style job. Seeing as I only painted one finger black it actually made the paint stand out more and people were asking where I got it lol. 

I also received the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Tribal Sun and Blacky-0 polishes, but I couldn't get pictures. I used them on my daughter's fingers and what's funny is if you read about gel polish it states it will never come off. Not for a long time, it'll last forever...yeah on a preschooler? Lasted 24 hours. Got into the bathtub and they all slid off. So I didn't get a chance to take pictures but she had her fingers lovely painted. I'd say between the two I'd definitely go insta-dri because it definitely does that and it lasts a lot longer.

You can purchase the Insta-Dri for $4.95 a piece, and the Gel for $9.95 a piece at any beauty store that carries Sally Hansen products, so make sure to get yours today! They last for a long time, so you could still use the orange for Thanksgiving, and then save the colors for next year!

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