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Over the years, my hair has always been rather long. With long hair comes, a lot of shedding. I'll admit it, when the time came for my Grandmother to clean the vacuum out she spent many, many hours bent over on the floor cursing the vacuum trying to use scissors to cut my 16 inch long strands out. Add in some Christmas tree tinsel, long dog hairs, and yeah vacuum days were not pretty. The Shark® Rocket® Complete is one of the best vacuum cleaners I have ever used and now I get to show all of you!

The vacuum is pretty tall, taller than I'm used to actually and I'm 5'1. But the design is extremely unique as you can see. The canister is up in the handle, and it comes apart when you want to use the accessories. The motor is also housed on the handle so you cannot sit this vacuum upright on the floor. It must be leaning against something or laid down flat otherwise you'll get one loud, "big badaboom" according to Leeloo.

For the record, my husband is holding the vacuum up. You cannot see his hand, so don't believe that this is standing upright on the floor on it's own. I don't need anyone getting injured based on my image later. The brush rollers and the part that does the work is not as wide as I'm used to. Also the canister is smaller, so you'll want to empty out your vacuum I'd say every room, or if you want to go by timing I'd say every 10 minutes. This thing has a light, and also seems to have some sort of auto-steering. When it's turned on and you push it forward, it seems to move forward on it's own which I would say is the duo-brush technology.

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo but the handle, canister, motor, all of that is a bit heavy and my husband's hand wouldn't hold still. This does take some getting used to, it really does an amazing job sucking everything up. From leaves to cheerios, there's no pushing of anything on the floor. It also does suck up wires BUT it doesn't immediately get jammed nor does it seem to just go straight to trying to suck them into the canister so you have a moment to pull it out after turning off the vacuum. It's so powerful it pulls the cords from a few inches away...seriously!

The moment you turn on the vacuum, you hear the suction begin, and as it is moving along the floor you can see the easy of the swivel in the video above. I love it, it makes it easier to get under tables and chairs, and you can easily switch from carpet to hard floor with your thumb on the handle of the vacuum. Only reason the video is stopped where it is, is we sucked up a cord and a naughty word was said, haha.

This last video is hyperlapse, and is just to show you how easy it really is to get the brushes out to clean them. Shark even includes an awesome hook tool to clean the brushes with, so you aren't bent over the floor like my Grandma used to be! With some simple pushes of buttons you can easily keep this clean.

This vacuum is really amazing, and can last for a long time with duo filters and the ease of the cleaning of the brushes inside. This makes a great Christmas gift so hurry and get one today for a family member, friend, someone you know that really deserves something that will last!

Just be careful when ordering! You never know what you may get in the box instead of the vacuum! (haha, child not included in your order!)

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Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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