Honua Childrens Bracelets by Imperial Toy Review:

Another fantastic gift listed on Santa's Seasonal Suggestions!

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As your child gets older, they are going to want to play dress up and wear jewelry. Of course, if you have strong costume jewelry you can let your three to five year old play with it (though I can't guarantee perfect status upon return!) but that's where Honua Bracelets can come in. Honua Bracelets combine the strength and serenity of the four elements: fire, land, sky, and water, These bracelets symbolize the critical energy forces that sustain life on our plant and the power that they each possess. There are six of them, but we have four to show you.

Each bracelet is a different design that reflects the different elements with a very soft material that is easy to slide on and off. They look great when stacked on the wrist, or you can wear individually. I personally love how each bracelet is so bright and colored so even if you give four children one bracelet, no two will feel they have the same one. Another thing I love is the color is not a paint that chips off, it's in the material so that makes it better for those very active children who love to play and fall down.

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These fit very well on my five year old's wrist, they still look a bit clunky but there's always big bangles like that at this age. As you can see, they don't immediately crush or try to fall to the side when pressed against the body so they hold their shape well while still being soft. I really love these bracelets, so much in fact I asked her which was her favorite just to show you all:

She says this one was her favorite, and I asked her why. Her answer "It's just so pretty and I love all the pretty colors!" She then pointed to each white bead on it, and then to the purple and said "Purple is my favorite color, but it matches my purse!" Yes, even at the age of five this girl is smart about accessorizing! 

You can currently get a 24 pack of these bracelets for $28.99 on the official website here, and I'm sure if you order now you can get them in time for Christmas! These would make great stocking stuffers, or for a little girl in a great gift bag with other small accessories. So make sure to order now!

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