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Another great suggestion from Santa's Seasonal Suggestions!!

Every year, there is a tradition that our home started on Christmas Eve. My daughter and I bake cookies and sweets all day, my husband makes us an amazing Christmas Eve dinner to which I force everyone to watch A Christmas Story on TBS as it's on for the marathon. We then nestle up as a family and watch the animated "Grinch" movie, along with "Frosty", and then...the reading begins. Of course a given is "The Night Before Christmas", but this year we got to add a new book to our Christmas reading!

"12 Days of Christmas", but not just any version, a new version that was adapted by Books to Bed! This version is more in line with kids of today, speaking of things they understand that keeps them entertained while preparing for Santa Claus to arrive. Along with the book came a pair of adorable pajamas. With my daughter being in between sizes now, I chose the size that was above her, so keep in mind that what you see is a short princess in a pair of pajamas that are just not quite there yet.

My cutie just couldn't wait to wear her pajamas, and the best part is you can see the characters and items from the book are all over the pajamas themselves! The pajamas are made of 100% cotton, but are not flame resistant so I'd suggest reading by the Christmas tree, not by the fireside (though that is the best place for Yuletide!) The pajamas are thin, but do keep her warm at night without the heavy sweating that most Winter pajamas cause.

The artistry and illustrations are perfect for children, very playful and sweet that fully explain each section. Each part is about a package arriving from a relative, friend, or someone else close to the reader and it all is something they would love and cherish. Within a few pages, my daughter would get more excited to hear what was coming, because she could relate more with robots than with turtledoves.

Her smile is always wide as we read, as she feels this book just explains everything she could ever want for Christmas. Golden "Things" and not "Rings", Six "Scooters" and not "Geese", and so on. The word "Wow!" came from her so many times when she would turn the page and see what was coming next! 

Many people have the tradition of the "Christmas Eve" box, which would include a pair of pajamas, a movie, hot cocoa, and so on. I think for this year you should go and get a pajama book set right here and read with your child instead of watching a movie! You can get your own set for $26.99 on sale and I can guarantee you, this will last for years! Your child may grow out of the pajamas but they will never grow out of the book!

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