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Christmas time has always been an amazing time of the year for me, and this year was no exception. Except that on Christmas Eve, my body decided "hey, let's give The Review Ballerina the worst head cold she has ever had in her life that makes her feel like she has the flu!" So sadly, my review of this amazing coffee was delayed. Reason? I couldn't taste it! I'd drink it and...nothing. I couldn't smell the aroma and THAT was depressing. So, now, I can review it!

I was hoping that December's flavor would be something with peppermint, chocolate, but then I realized as I waited for the flavor to come that Crazy Cups wouldn't do something NORMAL. Like they have ever been normal? I just did a review of a PB&J coffee, so I waited excitedly for the next flavor to arrive. When I saw the name of this, of course I immediately turned on Bing Crosby, because, have to, you can't think of the words "White Christmas" without that. The ingredients sound incredible, and I was so fast to make this cup (which again is when I realized I couldn't taste or smell anything. So now, I got to do so!

A medium roast, but blending perfect, the smell was sweet and yet savory in the air. I added my usual creamer and a little bit of sugar just to take away any possible bitterness that the coffee would have. That's not to say that their coffee is bitter, nope, not in the slightest! I'm just a weirdo, I love coffee when I can't taste IT just the flavorings with it, haha.

No crazy gif here, just amazing views of perfectly brewed coffee. The taste is incredible, you can taste the smoothness of the caramel and the vanilla. I'll be honest, I don't even know what bourbon tastes like let alone being able to tell you that you can smell or taste it, but the mixture is perfect. There's again no dryness from the nut and I want to say within 4 minutes this cup of coffee was GONE. I needed it too, the coffee gives such an amazing pick me up on such a cold day because here in is currently snowing!

Image result for snow falling

Yes, my daughter and I feel like this right now just with more excitement.

You can get 22 Cups for $15.90 on their website (the link is here) and don't forget, if you share this post on any social media page and use the hashtag #operationcoffee, Crazy Cups will donate single serve coffee cups to our military! You know they need them! 

Coffee Type: Medium Roast
Size: Regular K-Cup size, slightly heavier in weight.
Price: $15.90 for 22 Cups with shipping estimated at checkout.

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Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


  1. I love your reviews! It's just like something I would write. You know what I mean? You don't try to fancy it up and use unneeded words and try to act like its the most important thing in the world! Just a normal person telling how they really feel and its nice. I hope you understand what I mean. Its like something you would say to a friend and that is what lets me know its how you really feel. Its not a complaint I really like how you word your reviews and are just a down to earth normal person even when you are doing them. Love you, Elizabeth!! You are awesome! I hope Christmas was great!


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