Baby Guide: Blue Baby Bum Covers & Blankets Review:

An incredible addition to the Baby Guide, make sure to read and get your own items from Blue Baby Bum today!

Blue Baby Bum makes quality and beautiful items for your sweet baby, that keep them safe and sound while comforted and wrapped with love. From blankets to covers, towels and even burp cloths these hand made items are perfect to snuggle your baby with. I'm excited to review these for you expecting parents!

Blue Baby Bum sent me a Stroller Blankie, a Car Seat Blanket, and a 6-in-1 Car Seat Canopy! I will be showing you some details for all three that let you know what you should get (which I think you should get all three personally!)

First, look at how adorable the design is that I was sent! For gender neutral, I was sent this adorable red background with white elephants. This matches for both baby boys and girls. The outside feels a bit like canvas, but it's breathable so you won't have to worry about it being too warm when on the car seat or under the baby.

I absolutely adore this underside of these. These soft, small bumps are great texture that stimulates the baby. Our daughter adored when we would rub her face and arms lightly with her monkey blanket that she had like this (which now will be there for my new cousin coming soon!) and the softness won't irritate the baby's skin. It also feels cool to the touch at first, even if left in the car in the Summer I remember not having to worry about it being too hot for the baby.

The Car Seat Canopy comes with sturdy, thick, and strong velcro straps to keep the cover from falling onto the baby while you're moving, or from it sliding off and hitting the ground. The velcro is very strong, so I would bet that after many years of use with multiple children this would still be fantastic and in great shape. You can also use this same canopy as a nursing cover, stroller canopy or lap blanket  and even a toddler blanket! Talk about something that stays with your child as they get bigger! I really love how strong the material is, so many times you'll get these cute canopies that are thin, and they tear easily. Not Blue Baby Bum!

The Stroller Blankie is what I wish we would've had when our daughter was a baby. So many times she'd end up with heat rash due to the Texas heat, and if we put a blanket down she just wouldn't quite fit in her car seat well so we couldn't add it. With these straps you see above, you can strap the blanket to the stroller and/or car seat so that it doesn't bunch up or slide out. If you want the baby to have comfort from the scratchy car seat beneath them, but don't want to cover them due to the warmth? Not a problem! Just roll up the blanket, and use the straps and voila! Cute little rolled foot rest! How incredible is this, and such a simple strategy that many companies fail to realize Mommies and Daddies think about.

You can get these items ranging from $49.95 to $54.95 on the Blue Baby Bum website, and I'd say definitely get the 6-in-1. Everything you could need plus your baby will be attached to their baby blanket and remember you using it for years to come on them.

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