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Canvas Factory turns your special moments in life and great pictures into wonderful works of art for your home. From small canvases to split art, even collages you can find something to be perfect for every room of your home, classroom, and more. I was able to review the 16x20 Canvas Print.

I wanted to find a stock photo that was beautiful, and would stand out in our home as just a great conversation piece. Sure enough, this was the picture I found and the quality of the print was outstanding! It was clear and perfect, it didn't look printed at all but just absolutely gorgeous on the canvas. We loved how it stretched along the sides, and just seemed to never end. My husband pointed out that the bubble wasn't centered and I let him know that was me, haha. I wanted it to be slightly off center, just something unique and not what you'd normally see.

From afar, it really stands out even in darker lighting. As I said, you can see it wrap around the edges and never end which is awesome. We talked about finding a canvas frame it just seems like it needs that little addition, but most of the time I don't think you ever need a frame. You can make out so many colors in the canvas and nothing seems stretched, pixilated, or "printed" as you see from some places. 

Here's a more close up shot of the canvas on the wall. From here you can see the texture of the canvas through the printing, but it has no bearing on the print whatsoever. Wow, look at the quality of the bubble especially around the bottom! That could've come out pixelated, it could have been blurred or smeared but it was just perfect. I love seeing the picture in the natural light and evening light with our lamps it never ceases to just catch your eye. Canvas Factory really presents quality work with fantastic results. The quick shipping times are also a great addition as well to a great company.

You can get this canvas from Canvas Factory starting at $19.50 and up and you can start right here! I would definitely suggest this company for when you are wanting to decorate your home, especially if you want to get some great canvases images for bedrooms or your child's play area! So hurry today and get yours!

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