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Going to the movies has been a past time of families for many generations. From drive-ins to stadium seating, the experience going as a family to the movies has changed over time but is still just as thrilling as it has always been. Moviehouse & Eatery allows a classy form of going to the movies while still allowing the family experience with reclining leather seats, fantastic food and most of all, great movies on perfect screens!

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The Moviehouse is new to McKinney but looks amazing on the side of Highway 121. You can't miss it, with the vibrant colors and large parking available. When we arrived, the wind was blowing so hard we had to race inside, I even joked that the wind was trying to blow away our daughter! Thankfully, they did not have a poster of the movie we were taking our daughter to see, so although she figured out we were at a movie theater, she had no idea what was going on which really made the experience more exciting.

Walking in, you immediately find yourself in the bar and lounge area of the Moviehouse which was beautiful. It had high ceilings, several different televisions and plenty of places for sitting while waiting to be allowed into the theater. To the right of the image, was the customer service desk and the employees were amazing. I had to call them the night we wanted to reserve our seats for the movie because I swear, I have the worst luck when it comes to these things. They were so courteous and quick to help me get my seats reserved, and with no hesitation at all to answer all of my questions. I was so impressed, and they really did make the experience a wonderful one before we had even arrived.

Then, the fun really began, and we got to tell our kiddo what was going on!

Her reaction was absolutely priceless, and she was ready to get inside and enjoy the movie coming into the theater, it was stadium seating with electric leather reclining seats. Each chair shared an arm rest with the neighbor, but they were large so you didn't have to worry about bumping elbows with the person next to you. The chairs seriously went all the way back to a laying position, and as you can see, our daughter was loving it. She even had a funny moment in the movie when she went to curl her legs up, and her foot hit the button, all of a sudden she was COMPLETELY laying!

We had so much fun seeing her excitement and enjoyment of the location and all that was included. Our server Shelby was quick to come to us when she saw us arrive, and one thing I loved was how friendly and upbeat everyone was. She had a smile on her face no matter when she had to come throughout the movie. Another thing I really enjoyed, was you didn't have to flag anyone down during the movie or wait for a server to come by. On the front of each seat between the seat number was a button. If you hit the button, it would light up and let them know you needed assistance. They were prompt to get to you and refill drinks which really also made the experience smooth! So for those reading, if you can when going to Moviehouse McKinney, make sure you get Shelby as your server! She was so accomodating and kind, and really knew how to make sure we didn't feel silly for having not been there before.

Look, there she is again and again with a smile on her face. This is a great shot to show you just how the stadium seating is for the movie. Each chair is full size and wide enough where you can really lounge or "spread out" in it. Even while lounged back the servers could still walk through without knocking into the ends, and everyone didn't feel their space was invaded. The trays move in front of you or can move out, they aren't glued or stuck in place so I definitely recommend this place for those who just really want to get an at-home experience.

We decided to do the bottomless popcorn bowl and drinks because our main focus was on the movie itself. The people next to us though got the Backyard BBQ pizza and oh my gosh did it smell amazing. It must've tasted amazing as well because it was gone very quickly! We were given two extra bowls so we could split the popcorn, and even though it was bottomless the amount you're given is so much that we didn't even need to refill! Oh, and their butter and salt was the perfect addition. I also loved that you were given a cheese powder to put on top which my husband used. Our daughter and I just could not stop munching the whole time on the popcorn it tasted so good, and again Shelby was so fast to refill our drinks we never had to wait. Another thing I really was impressed with was the metal bowls the popcorn came in. Normally, you'd get paper, cardboard, or something small but not with Moviehouse!

Very few times can I say that I have had an amazing movie experience. Between uncomfortable seating, cold or stale popcorn, and hoping people around you will be quieter you tend to want to stay home and wait for the movie to come on HBO or buy it on Blu-Ray. Moviehouse & Eatery takes all of the stresses away and allows you an incredible experience that stays with you even after it's long over. Every time my daughter sees the Lego Batman movie's commercial on TV, she asks when we are going back to the movies so she can sit in the comfy chairs again. It's almost never a comment about the movie itself, it's about the theater! We couldn't have asked for a better family experience and I hope that your family enjoys as well!

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Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


  1. I love these types of theaters. The only problem is that when I go to see kid movies with my little guy, a combination of the dark room and comfy chairs has caused me to fall asleep. Don't think he's noticed....

  2. Oh wow what a neat experience! Reclining chairs always making watching movies that much better!

  3. What a wonderful family night for the three of you! It looks like this was a great surprise for your daughter. My son is a teenager, but I bet he'd love it if we had a Moviehouse here. He would love the giant popcorn bowls and the cheese powder.

  4. I love the movies! Feels like such a treat, especially when the cinema is as luxurious as that one - love the v=bar area and the leather reclineables. So comfy looking!

  5. Great cinemas are the best! I checked their webpage and really love the wide range of snacks/dishes they offer - I d absolutely get the Seasonal Date Plate, nom!

  6. This sounds fab. In the UK, you need to nip out to get drinks or food x


  8. A nice and comfortable seating with delicious food can truly make the movie experience great. I love that your daughter enjoyed the movie!!


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