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Every generation has something that they "had to have". My generation was Pogs, remember those things?

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You just weren't popular unless you had Pogs with their Slammers! I ended up with two or three large tubes of those things before realizing they were just pieces of cardboard with prints on them. Of course now I wish I still had them, for sentimental value. In the age of collecting there is something new and cute that you can get, Stickerbeans!!

StickerBeans are cute stickers that are sparkly, and come in multiple different designs. Food, animals, even cute and Emojis! They come in several shapes and sizes so they can fit on your phone, binders, folders, backpacks, even water bottles. I love how you don't have to get the same ones as your friends just so you are an individual from everyone else.

The stickers have small round rhinestones in shapes for whatever the category is you have. The stones are raised, not flat, and the adhesive is pretty strong as you can see I was trying to pick them off or rub them off but it wasn't working at all. When you have a child that's my daughter's age (5), you tend to just give them something expecting it to fall apart in a week. My daughter actually got these a few months ago, and hid them from me. How frustrating is that when you want to show the world and all you have is a single StickerBean your husband put on his computer tower (Which I'll show at the end) and that really was not the one I wanted to highlight! 

I really do love how colorful these are, and they stick really well to whatever surface they are put on. My husband took the fourth StickerBean we received and put it on his computer tower a few months ago. Shortly after that, his harddrive decided to take a dirt nap and it had to be replaced. The StickerBean took a trip to a friend's house for a month and came back and still looks perfect! That makes me feel confident knowing if I want to buy these for my daughter as she starts Kindergarten, they won't be chipping and falling off her stuff in a month. I think these are great for Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter eggs, and more!

Leave it to the man to choose the poop emoji right? Again, this has been on his PC tower for months, and as you can see it still looks perfect! I couldn't believe it when I went over to take the picture it looks fantastic! Still very vibrant, colorful, all the stones are still there, so these are a great purchase!

You can find StickerBeans in the size I have for $3.49 each on their official website here. There are also larger stickers, cell phone pockets and more so you can get all kinds of cute things for your tweens and teens to enjoy. As I said, I think these would be great in Easter Eggs and would stand more from normal stickers and tattoos you see these days. So hurry and get yours today!

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Elizabeth is a wife to her wonderful husband, a work at home mother to her beautiful little girl and a blogger for some time now. When she isn't spending time with her "Livvybug", or laughing with her husband, she is looking for new review opportunities and writing or singing along to classic rock and pop music!


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