Precious Moments "Share-A-Smile" Care Bears Figurine Review:

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A wonderful thank you to Precious Moments for sending this beautiful figuring to review for my honest opinion.

One of the first memories I have as a child is going into a bedroom and sitting on a big bed. While the adults hung out in the living room, I was sitting in there watching Care Bears II: A New Generation. While the animation wasn't the greatest, back in the 80's you really didn't care about things like that. You just enjoyed the sweet, and lovable Care Bears and their attempt to save the world from not being loved and happy.

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I know many of you reading this just went "Awww!" and also started singing that special song that played during that scene. Precious Moments has created some of the most precious (only word that can really go with this) figurines that are for young and old, With many different Care Bears to choose from, this is the one I was lucky enough to now have permanently on my desk!

Isn't it absolutely adorable? This figurine is made from bisque porcelain and is hand painted to give you exquisite detailing with soft colors. Share Bear is fuzzy, and the entire piece measures 4.25in x 4in. x 3.75in. So this is not a small figurine that you can collect and adore. What I love is the color detailing of this piece you can see that they didn't bleed or drip anywhere. It's a perfect figurine that really captures both Precious Moments as well as Care Bears.

The Precious Moments figurines have always had the tear drop shaped eyes, the soft, pastel colorings, and the same great material used to create such a soft and perfect figurine. This particular figuring also has the sweet glitter on the base, along the the detailing of the fuzz on Share Bear to accent the unique figures we've grown to love for over 40 years. Precious Moments also offers unique items like ornaments, picture frames, clothing, snow globes, decor for inside and outside of the home and so much more.

Here you can see more of the detailing of Share Bear as she offers her cupcake to the sweet girl. Remember Trolls as a child? How you'd have that special one on your desk or key chain that you would rub its hair for luck? Yeah our family has started doing that with Share Bear she's just so soft and fuzzy! My daughter walks up and rubs her head lightly as if she is making a wish, and I think that's such a sweet thing. This is definitely a piece that I can pass down to her as she gets older, allowing her to take it with her maybe off to college or in her first home.

Each figurine is stamped on the bottom to match the card you receive for authenticity.

You can find this particular figurine here currently available for $50.99. You can also look also click here to see all of the current Care Bear figurines Precious Moments is currently offering, and collect them! Their bases click together, so you can get the set and put them together on a shelf or mantle! Each piece ranges from $20.99 to $60.99 depending on the figurine so take a look.

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