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On March 3rd, unfortunately my family was in a car accident so it put the blog on a bit of a hold. Shortly after that, my monthly selection from Crazy Cups arrived and it put some sunshine back into my daily routine for a while as I was struggling to handle all the "adult'ing" I had to do. Sometimes, a good cup of coffee makes all the difference in the world every day and this month was no exception.

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As soon as I saw the name of the coffee I couldn't wait to have a cup. If you grew up eating whole almonds coated in chocolate then you are just like me, mouth watering for the same incredible flavor. Just as the sign says, this coffee "made me happy when skies are grey". The house once again had that delectable smell of chocolate in the air as it brewed and once again I did not add much in the way of sugar just cream to give it a bit of sweetness and smoothness.

This was such a smooth and rich flavor of coffee that unlike in the past where I would quickly drink all my flavors, this one instead had me sipping it just to savor each moment. I was able to sit down outside while the birds chirped away, wearing a sweater and just enjoyed the little time my pre-schooler was preoccupied. It was quiet, simple, not a cloud in the sky, and Crazy Cups coffee gave me that sensational time I needed to re-gather my strength and thoughts and continue on the day. This flavor in particular was just perfect with sweet chocolate, very slight bitterness of the almond, and all around combining candy with coffee to make you want more. 

Of course, let's not forget that the name is Crazy Cups. After one cup, and maybe fifteen minutes later I went from relaxing outside listening to the birds, to this:

Haha, you know what this feels like when that initial coffee buzz hits! You're dancing around to Madonna going "AND I FEEL!" and watching the day pass by in a whirl. 

You can get 22 Cups for $15.90 on their website (the link is here) and don't forget, if you share this post on any social media page and use the hashtag #operationcoffee, Crazy Cups will donate single serve coffee cups to our military! You know they need them! 

Coffee Type: Medium Roast
Size: Regular K-Cup size, slightly heavier in weight.
Price: $15.90 for 22 Cups with shipping estimated at checkout.

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